The Down Under ODI Series we'd all forgotten about

The Down Under ODI Series we'd all forgotten about


Kicked off this morning. Aussies scoring 304-8 in their 50 overs. Tidy spell by Moeen some of the thers getting tonked.

We lost 2 wickets in quick succession, rather limp waft from Bairstow and a bit ambitious from Hales early doors.

And of course the Ashes were so shit nobody is bothering to watch.

And England are 97-2 off 12 overs. Yeah TWELVE overs. After about 5 overs the DL Par was 19, England were already on 50 odd.

Jason Roy is biffing and Joe Root is nurdling.

May be worth watching instead of melting down this morning


19 Overs Drinks break. 127-2

Run Rate has dropped from the 9.97 earlier to a more sedate 4.80 off the last 5 overs.

Still need 178 off 35 overs, we do bat a long way down the order but not sure that would help against a returning Cummins and Starc later in the day and with Morgan in the middle of a 15 and out run again.

Need to keep accumulating.


Jason Roy’s 50 came up in 32 balls.

A record for us in England / Australia ODI’s beating himself & Buttler who held the record in 34 balls

150-2 23.4 overs

Roy 88

Root 39



Zampa to Roy, SIX ,


Zampa to Roy, no run, he’s done him with the googly! Given lbw. Lovely piece of bowling, but Roy is reviewing. Only thing that can save him is if he’s hit outside the line. Impact is outside the line! He got his knee just far enough forward


Roy given out LBW to the spinner Zampa.

The appeal overturns it.

Next ball Roy hits a 6.

This has made my Sunday.


Roy makes a century.

Suck on my big old fat one you Ozzie twats.


Root makes 50.

Roy on 107.

Only 2 down.

181 runs scored.

Target of 305.

5.68 runs per over required.

Badda bing.


28.1 1 Starc to Root, 1 run, full outside off, gets forward and drives to deep cover to reach a very controlled 59-ball fifty

Mitchell Starc returns as Australia hunt the breakthrough. He’ll be round the wicket

183-2 off 29.3 overs

26.3 3 Tye to Roy, 3 runs, there’s his hundred! Short outside off, he’s across the crease and pulls through midwicket and it’s enough for three figures. A super innings, electrifying in the first fifty and he’s consolidated since


Roy is being so streaky.

He’s hitting balls high in the air only for them to land safely.

Then he hits a reverse sweep that lands just in front of Warner at full, forward-dive stretch.

Next ball hits a six.

Love it.


In the something must be done mode.

Why the FARK was Roy not selected for the Ashes tour?



We should never have left Puel in the hutch.

In other news, Roy hits 150 (151).


253-2 38.1 overs


Zampa to Roy, 2 runs, tip and run into the covers, and what excellent running to turn one into two. He’s matched his previous best against Sri Lanka at The Oval


Zampa to Roy, SIX , high and mighty! Into the floodlights, down into the stands! Tossed up, tempting England’s main man, and he was tempted alright!


200 partnership 261/2.

3.94 runs per over required.

I only sing when we’re winning.


Roy beats the record for highest ever English ODI score, set by Hales in 2016 :clap::clap:


Roy now holds the record for highest ever ODI score by an ‘Englishman’.

Beating Alex Hales’ 171.

  • JJ Roy179 (149b)

  • JE Root74 (89b)

  • AJ Tye8-0-37-0

  • MA Starc9-0-68-1


Tye to Roy, 1 run, fewer bothers middling his drives though, another wristy tonk into the covers

He’s having a few bothers gripping the bat at the moment…


Tye to Root, 1 run, nudged off the legs

Roy slipped while turning and seems to have jarred his wrist… hmm… Hopefully it’ll ease off, but he’s taken his glove off


Roy is out for 180.



Starc to Roy, OUT , short, pulled, top-edged, gone! The end of a triumphant innings from Roy, the MCG rises as one to a brilliant performance. A bit of a tired ending, went for the big humpty over the leg side, but ended up with a lobbed chance to backward square. But what a statement innings from a resurgent one-day team!

JJ Roy c sub (JA Richardson) b Starc 180 (151b 16x4 5x6) SR: 119.20


Morgan out for 1.



I hate being almost right all the time