🚴☠ The Death of a Dream? The Team Sky Drugs stories

This is actually a cracking article.

In some ways a confession (that much of this mess is “our own” and that of the media for wanting to believe the “Dream”)

Wiggins the dethroned Mod king, Brailsford the zany Frankenstein who created one monster too many, the baying masses, the infamous and mysterious Jiffy Bag, which of course now has its own parody Twitter account (it’s yet to tweet, which you have to say is entirely in character).

Was it all worth it, then? Did we all, ultimately, get what we came for? Sky’s beaten opponents may have something to say about that; although frankly, given the recent history of pro cycling, he who is without sin generally carries the lanterne rouge. And so really, this whole affair, like so much of what we charitably describe as sport, is as much a parable of our own wretched nature as anything else.

Not been watching it, but been following via Matt Slater on Twitter and the Beeb Web site.

Have to feel sorry for Yates that time trial must have killed him, and then to lose +30 minutes on a stage must break your spirit.

And after his wonky start, fair play to Froome for staying in the mix.

And then the section yesterday. Outstanding and to be fair it was a leg that many believed would “shake up the GC”

But even the lovers of cycling are tempering their responses because so many called his performance “doing a Landis”

IF he is clean then it is a shame his peformance is tainted. For those sceptics like me, it’s a shame I have to read it all with a meh.

(Equally over the past 2 days seen completely conflicting reports on t he effects of Salbutamol, testing techniques and even the impact of doping on elite athletes.)

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Watched it yesterday - it was an incredible ride.

Drug rumours aside, one thing Sky are exceptional at is sports science and planning athletes training schedules so they peak at the right time. They did this with British Cycling - they suck for three years and then all peak on Olympic year.

Froomes plan has been to win the Giro and the Tour this year. They know delivering him to the Giro in peak performance would blow his Tour, so the plan has always been to build up during the first two weeks for the third week - in essence training up. The stage profile of the Giro this year also assisted with three brutal stages at the end.

he got off to a crap start thanks to a couple of crashes that set him back and he was hanging on for dear life. I suspect in the original plan he was meant to get pink in the time trial and they get his team to tempo up the mountains to defend it.

Yesterday he had to go for it and did it brilliantly. Question now is what has he got left in the tank. He blew up the day after his last stage win.

Got to feel for Yates - the time trial and Thursdays mountain stage wrecked him. But 38 minutes - that has got to be damaging from a psychological POV Still he is young and has plenty of time

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How Chris Froome won Giro d’Italia thanks to ‘spectacular’ stage 19 victory

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One of the best docu’s i’ve seen around this subject. Starts as a generic first person documentary about drugs and cycling, then shifts, after the narrator meets someone and becomes quite amazing. I’m generalizing because I wouldn’t like to spoil it.

You’ve only just watched this?

It is brilliant. Bet Ben couldn’t believe his luck!

He also does read tweets as he liked one of mine after I commented positively on Twitter about the film last year!

Bitter and twisted or does he have a point?

Bernard Hinault calls for riders to strike if Chris Froome races in Tour de France

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Surely he should let due process take its course. He will look a bit of a twat if Froome gets exonerated. But then the badger has always been a bit pugnacious.

Nothing to see here

I’m sure Bernard “I haven’t got an axe to grind” Hinault won’t have a problem with this…

Chris Froome has been cleared of any wrongdoing following an adverse drugs test, and is set to compete in the 2018 Tour de France.

Froome, 33, was investigated by the UCI after double the allowed level of legal asthma drug Salbutamol was found in his urine during his 2017 Vuelta a Espana win.

More to follow.


Bernard Hinault can stick it up his arse.


“The UCI has considered all the relevant evidence in detail (in consultation with its own experts and experts from WADA),” read a statement on the UCI’s website.

“On 28 June 2018, WADA informed the UCI that it would accept, based on the specific facts of the case, that Mr Froome’s sample results do not constitute an AAF. In light of WADA’s unparalleled access to information and authorship of the salbutamol regime, the UCI has decided, based on WADA’s position, to close the proceedings against Mr Froome.”

Wonder what the Sky legal bill was??

Cynical, much?

What I don’t understand is if his level was abnormally high on 1 day surely it would be high for the next couple of days as well??

Cleared he may have been.
Abused during the race by spectators? Incoming big time I am certain. Unfortunately.

Needs a shit storm of media management now to get the story out and explained in clear and simple rules or I fear some numpty will take a swing at him instead of throw urine

Froome said: “I am very pleased that the UCI has exonerated me. While this decision is obviously a big deal for me and the team, it’s also an important moment for cycling. I understand the history of this great sport – good and bad. I have always taken my leadership position very seriously and I always do things the right way. I meant it when I said that I would never dishonour a winner’s jersey and that my results would stand the test of time.

“I have never doubted that this case would be dismissed for the simple reason that I have known throughout I did nothing wrong. I have suffered with asthma since childhood. I know exactly what the rules are regarding my asthma medication and I only ever use my puffer to manage my symptoms within the permissible limits. I appreciate more than anyone else the frustration at how long the case has taken to resolve and the uncertainty this has caused. I am glad it’s finally over.”

Team Sky’s team principal Dave Brailsford added: “We have always had total confidence in Chris and his integrity. We knew that he had followed the right medical guidance in managing his asthma at the Vuelta and were sure that he would be exonerated in the end, which he has been. This is why we decided that it was right for Chris to continue racing, in line with UCI rules, while the process was ongoing. We are pleased that it has now been resolved.”

On Sunday, the organisers of the Tour de France, ASO, had blocked his participation in this year’s Tour de France, which gets under way this weekend, because the investigation was still ongoing. Having been cleared he will now be in place to defend his title.

I suppose this could have dragged on and on but with the ASO blocking his participation (that was kepy quiet wasn’t it??) the UCI had to pull it’s fingers out…

Cynical Yes, however Sky does have a huge budget and can engage the best. Could a smaller team done this? or would have have had to just accept the decision due to cost of fighting it.

Now, personally I am glad that he has been cleared, as i believe that he is one of the greats and potentially could become the greatest.

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Is it a victory for Froome?
Or is it a failure of WADA?

I’m sure Matt Slater will have a view on this - he follows this stuff VERY closely.

So yes he has been “cleared” which means he has acted within the rules. But (unlike LITSL’s gripe about Penalties), maybe this is where the rules are incorrect (or muddled) rather than being interpreted wrongly.
Doubt we will hear the last