The Daily Mail not on rail

What a lovely story. It’s got Richard Branson, robber baron of both trains and the NHS, and the Daily Mail, hate rag of the nation, in a probable death spiral.

It really won’t take long for Paul Dacre, the Daily Mail editor, to blow his top and go for Branson on every front.

Bring. It. On.

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Stop reading the Daily Mail mate :smile:

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I cannot claim that wonder, SaintBristol.

I do know its editor is a spiky little bastard that bears huge grudges.

Paul Dacre is an utter cunt. Deep down he knows it too


Moral grounds?

Here’s their reasoning.

There’s been considerable concern raised by colleagues about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights, and unemployment.

Ok, sounds plausible, until you remember the mail has always held these views.

We’ve decided that this paper is not compatible with the VT brand and our beliefs. We won’t be stocking the Daily Mail for sale or as a giveaway."

Oh look, the very next sentence gives away the truth. The mail has always been poison, they only care now because the majority are at last acknowledging it and have stopped buying it(sale is the important word). No more than a PR stunt.

I think I read somewhere that they were selling 7 copies of the Mail a day on their trains. Could have something to do with it, maybe!!

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I think that might be a week - Any way, I suspect Dacre might want to tread carefully. Branson has got a history of going to court and winning. He is also very precious about his image and brand and has very, very deep pockets.

My local greasy spoon cafe provides two papers to read whilst you are eating your heart attack on a plate - The Sun and The Daily Mail. Some choice! In recent years The Mail has actually become worse than The Sun, if that’s possible? Whatever happened to the good old working man’s Mirror? Can only assume that the owner is a rabid, Right Wing git.

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The women’s only gym I went to in Southamtpon only had the daily fail available. Obviously given away to them to keep their propaganda going. I suppose it helped get my heart rate up when I’d see their headlines.

I read some woman’s tweet yesterday (she’s a major Farage fan) And she is going to boycott Virgin but before hand will plant Daily Fail on board one of the trains. That will show them!

Some others are saying the outrage from some quarters is quite amusing especially as they tend to call others snowflakes.

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I am expecting to see pictures of Branson draped all over various (scantily clad) women in every edition of the mail for a while.

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Last weekend my bird woke me up in morning and went, “Quick! We’ve got to go and buy two copies of the Daily Mail before it sells out!”

Imagine that! I was v.angar, as you might imagine. Turned out there was some important stuff in there about a Fad Diet her and her mate want to do, so I let it go this time, cos I’m totally on board with her dropping some fkn lbs, greedy hog.

I knew it! My bird keeps “going to the gym”, but when she comes back she’s not got a bead of sweat, and is suddenly holding some strangely right wing opinions.

I’m gonna sneak in that women’s gym one day. If I find I’m paying £25 a month just for her to sit around drinking frappuccinos and reading newspaper, like I suspect, I am gonna be v.srs angar.


The one I went to there were a lot of women sat on the equipment on the mobile phones and chatting to mates. It was v annoying. So you’re probably not far off in your hypothesis.


We’re all here for you when you discover the awful truth; that’s she’s been bonking a Neo-Nazi.

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There’s a reason she’s been insisting on missionary bearsy.


@furball is going to go nuts if he ever sees this.

You know what he’ll make of it.

That vile scum Goatboy is after my wife again and up to his old anti-semitic tricks. He posted a picture of a female, _obviously _code for my beloved wife, who is so upset that she has left the house crying, and has made for New York in a hastily constructed coracle. She hates swastikas. Once I explained that was her in the picture, she was off.


Oh fuck, has @bearsy been fingering @furball 's wife too?

The ban has been overturned by Branson who claims he didn’t know anything about it. What a bunch of cunts.

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