The cynic’s thread

Ok so a place for posting your cynical views on life. I will start you off with;

6 Jan - Maria Sharapova states on Twitter she is donating 25k to the Australian wild fire funds and challenges other Tennis stars to do the same

8 Jan - Maria Sharapova given wild card slot into Australian open

Cynics rating 7
(1 = how dare you - it’s obviously just an innocent coincidence; 10 = crafty fuckers)


Goatee Gadgets… this one for the disabled?.. 8 out of 10…


Wanking glove?


That should help @saintbletch get a proper grip on his bat handle.

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Far, far too big…

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I thought @Fatso was the expert on those?

Ukraine Airways plane crashes in Iran shortly after the token willy waving missile strike.

The Cynic says, nice try Putin

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Talking of bats and handles, here’s a little know fact from the game of cricket - if you know all the prime numbers up to 547, understand the difference between a debit and a credit and can recite the alphabet backwards it means that you carried your bat.

Did you know that?

Cricket has some weird rules and sayings.

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