👑 The Coronation Mandated Fun Thread 😉

Here’s what you’ll officially be cutting a rug / boogieing on down to - discuss

Who’s George Ezra?

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A one hit wonder - Not the one on the list…

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I’ve just done an extensive Internet search for you and have come up with this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Ezra
Hope that helps.


Back on topic my mechanical supervisor has been invited as he is the plus 1 of his girlfriend who is lady something in Newcastle. whose son is the director of football at Brentford

Ex mechanical supervisor as I have been transferred.


Them darned Republicanists….

Phew the day is saved by our esteemed Government


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I get to do the full Mayoral thing. Very annoyed at no invite to the service or even the Palace Garden Party but I get to ring the bells, unveil a plaque and preside over the town Coronation party.

Looking forward to it as my last event before my year ends


Anyone else having a street party? One has been organised for the street I live on and although i am not involved in organising it as i don’t give a rats arse about Royalty, i quite like most of my neighbours, so will get involved on the day as i don’t want to be seen as a mardy cunt. Hoping it will turn into a bit of a sesh as some of the lads like a drink.

Yep - the jubilee was quite a success so everyone was up for it

Or more like everyone was up for the Ayatollah organising it - food, BBQs entertainment etc

Anyway the Ayatollah revolted and now we are closing the road for the afternoon (permission not sought or expected) and it’s a BYO picnic - which will then descend into carnage in a neighbours garden

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Hasnt it finished yet? Threads been going on longer tgan a 2nd half at The Emirates.

Woolf tones with a bit of Charlie and the boys thrown in for me.