The Chronicles of Papsweb

Already, 2 years of discussions have happened on Sotonians but no one is chronicling the key aspects and outcomes to those discussions, so that future generations can learn from the mistakes of the past.

This video is probably as good a place to start as any:

I will recall the important story of when that guy who’s name I forget joined the board and started talking about football and stuff and he seemed alright and I got the vibe that people thought he was sound as well and then all of a sudden he casually drops into 2 or 3 conversations that he was a bit of a monarchist and I was all internally like woah stop there you fucking freak, you can fuck right off right now mush and it was as though he had heard my inner most desires for he shortly thereafter ceased posting. It may have been because Pap called him a knee bender, but I don’t recall. This is a good example of why we should chronicle things when they are still fresh in the memory.

Then there was the time that @chertsey-saint asked for advice on weather he should send his kids to get bummed by a priest or a vicar or something even though he wasn’t religious. He just thought it was a good idea because he respects the values of their culture. And Barry was like yeah good idea, then later in another conversation Chertsey accused Barry shortly after the birth of his new child, of being a paedophile and then made out that it’s no big deal. That guy was nuts right!?!

So right maybe we’ll have to start off with the stuff we forgot to chronicle at the time, do the best that we can until we get up to the present day and then start doing a proper chronicling job. Well actually we may as well do both in parallel. Why not. I’ll pop back when it’s done. Cheers.


I’m sure that the Bear will be able to add huge value to this thread - Kat’s love life, t’other phil’s Ladyboy experiences.

This Phil’s Bill paying expertise…

The list is endless - get going gang!


A microcosm on the universe is Sotonian’s

Future generations will look at the records (Pap has them archived) and the early years of the 21st century will be completely nonsensical to them

who is Bearsy why does he fry potatoes and pimp labourors?

what does Baz actually do?

how can D_P get out of so many bills?

why do not more planes land in the desert when Eric is on duty?

does Rallyboy actually live in Portsmouth?

how many changes of Btripz name have there been?

The three girls on the forum (that we are aware of) should we be worried?

why have we never gotten cut price cheesecake?

can the butler actually hold or deliver a drink without getting intoxicated?

why has the underbutler never relocated my room or found me another pelican?

these are just some of the things to consider.


If that’s the debut single by The Blinging Shits I have to admit, I was expecting something more edgy, the sort of thing that would appeal to 75% of under 25s.

Behind all the big rock’n’roll talk do we now discover that Pap is just another kid on the Cowell conveyor belt producing corporate lift muzak?


This is site provides a public service

We have learnt the correct way to wipe your arse (and the wrong way)

That shoving glitter up your fanny might not be such a good idea

We have also learnt that most posters are

Borderline alcoholics (Friday drinking thread)

Grumpy Old men (women) (the irritation thread)

Hysterical tarts (any political thread)

Masochists (the match days threads)


Can anyone find that first EU thread where I first came onto the board and got all the lefties proper riled up? I know its terribly narcissistic but I really wouldn’t mind perusing that.

Which reminds me, don’t forget the job seekers / career advice thread…seem to recall that went a bit off the rails in the latter stages…

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Then the digression into Soup, usually in response to Bazza’s more outlandish pronouncements e.g

Yeah, lets dig up old shit and relive old arguments - just like a marriage :lou_surprised: :lou_facepalm_2:

I look at it more like your typical family bickering,…

I recall the time last season just before the cup final when @saintbletch created a thread with an intriguing and strange name which I do not recall. As the opening post he wrote something like “this is for later”. Strangely, no one posted on that thread and it dropped into oblivion. Did later ever come? What was saintbletch’s dark purpose for that thread? Good topic of research for the chronicles?


i remember that too!

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I remember that too.

I’ll put a £5 note in Chutter’s chuff, once you’ve found the thread, if you can tell me a) where the phase came from and b) if you have any clue what the point of the thread was.

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