The Chinese Have Spoken

Well OK, maybe not the Chinese, but the club have spoken,

OK, maybe not the Club per se but rather the Chairman

Will this keep some supporters happy??

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Another little bit of the internet clogged up with meaningless rubbish…

Oh, wait




The Fiverweb crowd have already rubbished it so I expect our Barry will also give it some clog. Damned if they say something, damned if they don’t.

TBF I’m listening to the interview now and it is a lot of hot air and waffle.


Good…it’s cold and damp here so a steaming hot waffle and maple syrup is just what’s needed.

Thanks Ralf. :lou_lol:


Thanks @lifeintheslowlane , you had me checking the spelling of waffle then :lou_facepalm_2:

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Barry will be happy.

The Chinese have spoken (by proxy) and have _ Cleared *Everything Up. _

_ Adam Blackmore’s summary. _

There will be investment off the pitch in the coming year over the next year, 2, 3, 5 whatever the plan is.

There is no panic about the current situation in the league table or on the pitch.

MP’s job is not under threat because of extenuating circumstances wrt a VvD shadow hanging over the club for 6 months.

Everyone is doing their job and this is a phase - but Ralph says they each have to do their job better.

That’s what we needed to start 2018 - Ralph has pulled the wool from under Sanchez by _ Clearing Everything Up _.

Ralph has spoken for 20 minutes, said nothing, put no new facts into the public domain and now his job is done until 2019, or May or when we sack someone or buy someone.

Everything is cleared up thanks to a 20 minute…

…He said fucking nothing.

He said fucking nothing!

Ralph spoke about nothing for 20 minutes during a (presumably) planned “let’s get this out in the public domain to cheer the fans up” sort of a way, and he’s used weasel-words and euphemisms about aligning corporate-chakras whilst not looking in the moment, but holistically and retrospectively looking forward to solutions to leave us…exactly where we were.

Or has he?

There will be investment " off the pitch".

By implication, that means there _ may not be _ investment _ on the pitch _, but it might mean that SMS gets a coat of paint (presumably red - but you know these ‘foreign’ owners and their lucky colours).

Anyway, that was disappointing and a missed opportunity, but it changes nothing for me as I wasn’t (overly) panicking before.

*By everything I of course mean nothing.


So are we buying Joey Barton?

I think I need a transcript of the interview, it was very mind numbing listening and I believe I switched off on more than one occassion!!

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Thank you Bletch. Not having listened I now understand I am equally aware of the situation at the club as those that have. Which is that much of the situation has been considered and acknowledged and that plans have been laid down to cope with all situations both now and in the future where the situation may change… or indeed stay the same, but that at no point should fans be concerned that the club does not understand the situation or have a strong strategy to manage it

clear to me

That is just mean GB

Hey, at least Ralph understands and loves the passion of the fans…

As he said nothing, I guess I should look into the things that he alluded to in the interview - the things we could imply from the things he didn’t say or at least didn’t deny that he didn’t say.

I love Ralph’s interviews - they’re just like a really cryptic episode of Sherlock when Moffat has been right on the drugz.

Claude - Seemed to suggest that we changed managers due to a sense of how things were and not down to performance. I guess you could read something negative into that.

VvD - Felt they wanted to make a stand re transfer but recognised it could be financially very risky. Also alluded to a negative atmosphere that everyone has had to deal with at SMS during the last 6 months. It appears as if VvD is being cast as the Golem roaming the St Marys area making our players play within themselves and giving Shane Long the goal yips.

Signings - talked about how people don’t really understand the nature and cost of transfers. Suggested that if you sell one player and buy two then that is two sets of wages instead of one. Good point and a revelation for me.

MP - has done a good job under tough circumstances.

League position - fine margins. Rivals have got better.

Its great to hear from Ralf that the new owners are going to both initiate and carry on the same goal of aiming for Europe by

  1. opening an international Southampton Saints takeaway in China

  2. employing a new window cleaner at St Marys

  3. repeating the fact we are a small club as many times as possible

  4. admitting that one player transfer is so complicated it is kinda understandable the soccer on the pitch has been shit

  5. admitting financially everyone behind the scenes are very happy with their bank balances

Indeed, which is why I dont understand why Barry gets his panties in a bunch about wanting to hear from the Board. How often do you get a Chairman or a SEO or an owner even coming out and giving an insighful speech about the state of affairs at any club and what they intend to do in the future? Of course it is all hot air and bollocks. That is all they will ever give us because they cant do anything else. We cant expect him to say that Pellegrino will be sacked if he loses his next two games. He has to be seen to be supportive but you can bet there is a contingency plan if we dont win soon. This isnt a village hall committee. It is a business and that is why we are fed business level PR bull.

According to Carl Schmitt society needs an enemy figure in order to function. According to Ralph Krueger, so does a football club.

It felt to me that Ralph nearly went full Harry Potter by not referring to VVD by name! A little childish I thought.


How did Harry get into Hogwarts??

Through the Dumble door!!

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I do wonder if Ralph deliberately says this shit just to wind up the internet warriors. Poor old hypo seems to be getting himself in a right old state over on Fiverweb. The resident rascist is the only one who seems to realise that it is all bull and nothing to get yourself in a tiss about.

I said it before…and I’ll say it again…

We…the fans…demand, clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty. This is I believe what Ralf is trying to give us, a carefully worded reassurance that things will or will not change.

Poor performances have be laid to rest and the cause of them has been expunged from St Mary’s…about time I say! Bravo Ralf and the man from Goa, it’s good to see you care. :lou_lol: