The Chinese are coming!

Wow, interesting that this ‘football’ forum hasn’t got a thread for this yet:

Or have I just missed it?

Alternatively, linked properly:


I’m not sure a Daily Fail link is considered real news. Run that one past Donald’s media team for approval. :lou_wink_2:


BUT EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT IT! It’s all over the news! It’s a big deal!

@themightyostrich if you scroll down the page a little, on the right hand side there is a thing that could have helped you with that!! It’s goot “Google” and “Search” in it’s name!

Anyway this is probably the thread you were alluding to.

Oh yes, I know about that thread, but I just couldn’t be bothered to search it out to add the ‘latest news’. Plus I quite liked having three of my threads at the topof the ‘latest’ discussion. It made me feel valuable and aroused.


When the whole Chinese Takeaway thing first broke I thought it was just paper talk bollocks. The longer it went on it seemed to have legs - more as an investment than a buyout. However it would appear now that there is really something to worry about. So I am officially worried.

Could someone summarise that article, for us Mail abstainers?

@dinger a state backed Chinese bank wants to plow £225m into Saint, maybe as a buyout maybe as an investment.

Apparently the Lander sports thing isn’t going to happen because Chinese stock market rules means not many will buy the shares!

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Apparently people are lining up to buy us. Interest from 3 lots of Chinese and 1 American. Where is Rupert Lowe when you need him?

Looking after an old peoples’ home in Gloucester no doubt…


May or may not be actual news. When some media outfit that does not lie about the causes of cancer just to get more clicks / ad revenue reports it, then I might take interest.


In China?

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It’s all very confusing. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know. I might just wait and see as there’s nothing I can do about it all anyway.

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If it’s the group who have a stake in Man City, surely they’ll have to get rid of that? Conflict of interest, against the rules, etc. Who’s the person who knows all this stuff? Would have said Redslo, but he seems to have gone off somewhere (TUI?)

Do not fear my waistlinechallenged chubby friend… Chutters is here to offer clarity. The way Chutters sees the Chinese invasion is that there will be some who see it as a good thing… and some who dont, and this dicotomy will manifest itself in a glorious debate… until Pap tells all those that disagree that its been done to death … :wink:

Personnally,I hope it means Crispy Chilli Beef instead of a shit pie… but who knows

It’ll all be rosy for a few months and then it will start coming apart at the seams.

just like my chinese fkn levis