The Cherries v the Indomitable Saints

The Cherries v the Indomitable Saints


So, a defeat against the unstoppable Citeh but the players (hopefully) go into Sunday’s game with their heads held high and their confidence up.


Hopefully our master tactician has this one in the bag and he played the players last night with a view to Sunday in mind.

I know we’re going to smash this one so I can rub all my Bompey supporting work colleagues faces in it. Plus I’ll be there :lou_lol:

3-1 to the men mighty of spirit (that’s Saints that is)


My manic depressive act seems to be working its ass off at the moment so I am going with a Bompey 1-0


I do like that plain unfussy white kit with the red shorts.

That’ll also make me more popular on Sunday in Poland.



They are missing a massive trick here


I’m not looking to get beat in this game pls.


Not if you’re the one wearing the red shorts…


Shouldn’t this be on the ‘favourite sausages’ thread? (If anyone’s interested, second from the right.)


1_4 to Saints from the same starting line up from the Everton game, Aprt from Cedrics replacement if he’s still injured.


2-0 to Saints, Redmond with both after Pep’s pep rant.



I can do you an “official” * white t-shirt and fabric pens to do your own for £3.99 (plus £49.99 p&p)

(* it’s officially a t-shirt)


Saints win 2-1

austin and Boufal to score.


Lawro Predicts a 0-2 win for Saints whilst his opponent this week Nish Kumar says 2-2


I would imagine The9 over on fiverweb is masturbating vigorously and plotting how to acquire a ‘match worn’.


You would have thought so but he’s strangely absent from the 3rd kit thread, ColinJB gets to play nerd with comments about panels being different etc…


As much as I agree with lawro on this occasion he can still fuck off.


I’m going with 1-3. A first half of battle and grind with both teams going in at the break with a hard fought one a piece. Second half we turn it up and get two early on. Bompey then battle on valiantly until the 105 minute when the ref finally accepts that they won’t score.


As long as we leave our back feet at city and attack little Bournemouth. No buses, no negativity just attack the fuckers with passion and barely supressed rage. Pace, power, quick devastating passing/movement and AGGRESSIVE INTENT.

2-1 to Bournemouth.


No nonsense same starting line up and formation as the Everton game, Pied in for Cedric IF he is injured.

Same as last year, they’ve had 3 games in a week and he has limited options for rotation and we will be fine.

Southampton nil.

Oh come on, we all know it will be another 6 months before we get another goal from open play we’ve got 5 in one week ffs