The Burnley Bonus Beers

The Burnley Bonus Beers


I was never coming to the Burnley game. I type these words from my bolthole in Kilkeel, where I was fully expecting to spend every night until Thursday next week toiling at the grindstone. The thing has been postponed, meaning that I travel home on Thursday, and will be able to take up my usual seat on Sunday.

Every beer will therefore be a beer I was never supposed to have. Bonus beers. Burnley Bonus Beers.

Where we going?


4pm kick off so a good opportunity to do a couple of pubs. Bookshop and Rockstone? South Western afters?


I’m driving down on the Sunday morning. Should hit Southampton around 11am. Can be out shortly afterwards.


I’ll be there, wherever there may happen to be. Liking the Goatster’s idea.



Will be heading to The Joiners instead of St Mary’s afterward for the incomparable Ben Marwood.

I’d vote for The Bookshop as I enjoyed the ambiance and the Jaipur IPA plus I’d like to wear the orange trilby again. It really tied my look together.


Not sure what time I’ll be able to get into Southampton for on Sunday, but this sounds like the ideal plan.


I will be there or thereabouts, with Geordie mate (having broken his hoodoo last season, think its safe for him to come along). Probably arriving 1.30-2.00 ish so will assume Rockstone


What time is the aim for The Bookshop, guys?




My train will get into Central at 12.53 so I’ll be there by 1.15.


My train gets to St Denys for 13:04 so should be there for 1:15 too.


Will miss the Bookshop but make the Rockstone - probably by 14.20 ish

I can’t think of too many good excuses to leave a pub early but Benali’s due to arrive at SMS at 15.40


half time according to his website


Phew - normal rules apply then!


OK, I’ve missed that train.

I’ll be there at 2:15. I know that ‘there’ is the Bookshop now, but when will ‘there’ be then?

The Rockstone?


I’ll be at the Rockstone - if you’ve got the trilby I’ll blank you


May depend how good the current beer lineup is at The Bookshop! But I’d bet upon us heading to The Rockstone around that time.

I had to run to the station to make my intended train. Dedication to the cause.


ant ran.

Who’d have thought?


Alas, the Trilby belonged to the Bookshop.

I’ll wear that underwear you liked so much instead.


Wild weather ipa 6.1%. Breakfast beer.