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:boxing_glove: The Boxing Thread


I did Enzo Calzaghe’s funeral today, it’s easy to forget how great Joe Cazaghe was. Unbeaten in 40 something fights, he fought everyone. He beat Jeff Lacy, at the time he was suffering from a broken wrist. It’s one of the bravest performances.


Sotonians haven’t forgotten how good he was. See earlier in thread :lou_wink_2:



What do you reckon @Tokyo-Saint?
Fancy it to be a couple of fights too sooner Fury.


It’s a tricky one. Most of the experts are hedging their bets. The unknown, unknown is what shape Fury is in boxing wise. He’s lost 10 stone but hasn’t fought anyone in years. His best chance is to frustrate and try to outbox Wilder. He’ll keep switching to southpaw and just make it difficult. I think Wilder will catch him, then again i’m always wrong :grinning:


Did you record the fight?
Then you’ll be want to know the result…

Nah can’t do it


Listened to the commentary. Tyson destroyed him in 3.

Bruno looked like rabbit in headlights.


That’s some result for Fury. Looking forward to the inevitable rematch. Eddie Hearn will be right fucked off. Anthony who?




How the hell one of the judges scored that at 115-110 to Wilder is beyond me. Fury must be spitting feathers.

Not seen Wilder fight in the flesh before but I can see that he would cause Joshua problems.


lol. He’d murder AJ.


OK, he would cause Joshua big problems.



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What are you blithering about, Paptrooper?? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Looking at it from his point of view.

He hates me. He is surprised that many other people do not seem to. Hence the term Paptrooper.

Looking at it from the point of view of being sat in the South Western Arms, it seems a little silly.


No. He. Wouldn’t


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It has turned into a whats app group with about as much activity and as much point. You have pushed out on paptroopers, being included on the list was the first email in the line.