The Bitter Blues match thread

Right, I’m taking over this week’s match thread after AG’s woeful performance.

We normally do alright on the Sunday 1:30pm kick off. If we don’t manage a result this week, against that side, it could be curtains for Pellegrino.

However, the mere fact that I’ve started this match thread means we’ll win.


I think there’s already a thread for the game but it doesn’t specifically name the teams playing and is full of shit… so I’m using this one.


My bad. I can no longer distinguish AG thread titles.


A vicious slur :lou_is_a_flirt:


WTAF? Close this thread mods, close it now :lou_angry:

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Hmm blue Bullfrogs & a pint of Bitter

Not sure that will catch on

0-2 to Everton, we’re shitter than they are and thats saying something.

Pelligrino (who I thought was a good replacement has been shite) could go and it would be without merit, at least the Chinese would have to spend some money.

Fair point @pap they are getting windier than some of @barry-sanchez Friday night efforts when he’s been on the sauce - all recognisable letters and words but making absolutely no sense.

For that reason I’m using both threads

2:1 win to us on this thread.

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For the record, Bitter Blues is what the Liverpudlians call the Evertonians up in the 'Pool.

They had quite a momentous year in my 1994-95, my first year in the city. Initially led by the fearless Mike Walker, they lost game after game and were rooted to the bottom of the table. We watched their first win of the season, after the appointment of Joe Royle, which was against Liverpool. Two nil, a phrase my Evertonian mate used as his chat up line for the night.

By the end of the season, they’d won the FA Cup after ex-Saint Paul Rideout scored the only goal in their contest against Man Utd. I remember going to see the young ms pap’s parents that day and seeing two scousers spilling out of a sunroof on the Tunnel Road, screaming as they went past.

I’d never tell ms pap this, but I think I secretly like them more than Liverpool.

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1-0 to Saints

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We now just need another thread for the draw predictions and we’ve got all bases covered…

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I honestly have no idea how the game will go - but if we can’t one-two it past the aging cloggers they’ve got at the back now and again then there’s absolutely no hope for us whatsoever.

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@pap Sorry this is an un official thread you can’t just change the rules because the team is shite and cant get a shot on target.

AG is the thread man until the end of the season :lou_lol:



There would be anarchy on the forum. Let’s give the mods until Noon UK time to sort this nonsense out or we will REBEL!

And we can each start our very own matchday thread and post only our own comments on them.

That’ll teach them


Rebellions must be slapped down nice and early.

If Major-General Elphinstone had a bit more gumption in Afghanistan in the 19th Century we’d still be there today. What a lot of fuss that would have saved.

Use the other thread you rabble or you will be abandoned to the mob.


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On SWF they would have merged the two match threads, but then Steve and Boj were good at their jobs.