The BIG Match (thread) :The mighty free scoring Saints (prefer demons) vs Raspy Sean's Clarets

Following last week’s amazingly entertaining 1-1 victory down at the Satan’s Charge Card Arena, the mighty demons of Southampton head back to ** Mary’s full of new found confidence and ready to do battle with one of my favourite sons. Sean (shares 3 letters with satan) had his husky voice developed through years of breathing in hell fire, folowing a life of wonderful sins, prostitution (he was very popular with the wives of the liberal elite) and encouraged many to literally **** satan’s ****. So much so that I released him a while ago to try his luck at my favourite game.

He has sean promise (get it? That’s Satan doing a good joke no?) over the last few years as he brings his northern lads down to face the Southern nancies. They have done good so far because, as that old boy Virgil (not that one) would have said ‘‘Possunt quia posse videntur’’ … The demons of Southampton could do with a bit of that (as well as a bit more ‘cut’ to go with their thrust)

Anyway, with Satan in charge of the match thread, how can anyone bet against a crushing victory? Problem is for which side…

Demons 2-1 Dyche’s claret swilling northern real men


And that’s a wrap

Must go find Lucifer S2 Graziano is so wasted in Hollywood instead of banging them in for us

I genuinely can’t wait. It should be a thrilling contest


0-0, that’s all, thank you and goodnight.


What does Lawro say?

…I’ll go for the opposite.


It comes as no surprise that we have our best seasons when his predictions have at least 20points and 10 places below our actual position… last season he had us above our actual position for much of the season… we need to campaign to get him predicting we are really shit again

Surely we now have to go 3 at the back?

Our only attacking threat comes when Bert & Cedric get forward (and then Cedric duffs the cross) but surely with them in more advanced positions they will have the chance to do those little lay-offs to (2 from) Boufal/Tadic/Redmond in an area where there could be SOME attacking threat.

Romeu is half the player he was last season and so with him sitting deeper we won’t notice any difference attack wise, then it comes down to Davis or Lemina making the breaks in cemtral MF and bringing the wing backs into play?


VVD Maya Hoedt

Cedric Romeu Bertrand

Davis Lemina Boufal


But we won’t. Tadic will be in for Davis, Lemina will play as a second DM (at home) and we’ll play a flat back 4 with the wardrobe behind them.

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Big game on Saturday. With Liverpool, Everton and Man City to come this month I would take a scrappy 1-0 over Burnley. Maya to score the winner in injury time with a deflected header.


Hmmm … Burnley at home … it’ll be like Halloween all over again !!


Burnley have been decent on their travels this season. That’s all I have to say.

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There’s a chance that we’ll win so I’ll cling to that.


Lol … I think that’s more than enough TMO

Well @areloa-grandee I had to go to Page 2 for this weeks football thread and as Lawro has predicted a 2-1 home win i am inclined to agree with him

Oi @modboy Change Chutney ferrets name link. Ta :lou_lol:

Oi Soviet get your act together or be in the first set of purges planned by the Proles.

What is it that is troubling you PS?

Because I had to remember what his previous incantation was was and that took me a fare few minutes. Time is money old boy.

You can afford it :lou_wink_2:


What you mean is you can’t do it ? :lou_sad:


My Skills are limited to fixing video links and logging incriminating evidence in preparation for ‘The Purge’.


Probably the wrong place to post this but 1) Didn’t think it merited it’s own thread & 2) it’ll take my mind of what promises to be a dull game when Dyche tells his guys to park the bus to grind out an away point.

Saw on BBC footie gossip that Luke Shaw is open to a move back to Saints & Bertrand off to Citeh… (Daily Mirror)

Another leaver who did well with us but failed to live up to expectations elsewhere.

Not sure I’d want him back tbf.


Nah leave him where he is. He sold his sole to the Devils let him rot in the reserves in the Northern hinterlands wondering what would have happened if he had stayed.

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