The Bazza, you are right thread

The Bazza, you are right thread


So our resident Mr Sanchez has always been vocal of his disagreement with just about EVERYTHING we post BUT has he ever been right?

Have you found yourself in the wee wee hours waking up in a cold sweat screaming to yourself “Barry was right” :exploding_head: before grabbing your blankie and going back to sleep?

So here is your chance to admit, amongst fellow human beings that Barry was indeed, right.

I’ll start off by saying, Barry you are right, our team is shite. :confounded:

Over to youse peeps


Our recruitment policy is to blame


Do we have a policy? I thought it was buy cheap and sell high apart from the failures those are expensive.

I suppose that is a policy

Bazza was right


Ladies and Gents, this is going to be one fucking long list.


In the cyclic fortunes of football outside of the top six of the premier league, whatever your opinion, if you flog your agenda long enough, reality at some point will come up to greet you.

Just stick at it. :lou_lol:


Derby is a better night out than Southampton…

Nope, still wrong on that one.


That was an obvious one and the board knew they were spinning shite.