The Ashes Down Under - 2017-18

The Ashes Down Under - 2017-18


So the E(&W)CB boys and girls are down under ready for another assault on the Ashes.

Personally I think we’ve got a snowball in hell’s chance of getting anything from this series, especially with Stokes sidelined after his fracas.

Anyway thread for news and scores?

Beign shown exclusively on BT Sport BTW.



Finn, Stokes’ replacement, ruled out of the Ashes with a knee injury…


The idea of going in The Gabba with Mason Crane as only spinner…




First two at the back, rest not so much


Them at the back look like been influenced by Ben Stokes…

They’e legless


Or midgits



Ashes 2017-18: Mitchell Starc takes second hat-trick for New South Wales -


We’re sunk before we begin, aren’t we? Haven’t found a decent top order, and our life-saving middle order is missing Stokes.

I don’t think we’ll win any tests. Might be competitive in the ODIs.

Also, BT Sport?


May have lost Moeen as well…


They paid bucket loads in an attempt to get more subscribers, much like the Champions League football, trouble is most of the Tests are over night (is there a day nighter this time around) so people will just watch the highlights from aletnative sources…


And I have just sacked off BT sports :lou_facepalm_2:

I have a fundamental issue stumping up the extra fiver they demand so that I could watch it on my Sky box, despite being a broadband and BT sport subscriber - Well they just lost the lot, lines, calls, fibre. Wankers



What’s this? NOOOOO!!!

He’s my favourite player. Has he been lynched by Baz for that mix-up with the poppy?



I think Stokes will be back.


Please please please.


I just renewed my phone contract with EE. They chucked in BT Sport for 3 quid a month. MIrrorcast to the TV. Job done.

I’m also off work for 4 of the 5 tests. Smug.


I can’t see it. From a playing point of view we need him like hell. Listened to the BBC “Omnishambles” documentary on 5 live. Was really revealing how much psychology and team togetherness is important.


I need glasses.

Just spent my morning coffee wondering how you could suck off a tv channel.