The Apprentice

So another series is over. If I was Lord Sugar I would have been very disappointed in the final business plans. It seems odd that you can be a great candidate and get to the final but have a pants business plan. Vana seems to only have realised how much money her business would cost to set up at the end of the process. I am sure she said this was just seed money in the Final but previously she didnt have a clue how much the app start up cost would be. As for Joseph, lovely fella but he is a plumber with a local plumbing business. Originally he was going to set up a franchise but that got blown out of the water so now he is looking to expand to local towns. Ground breaking stuff!

I wonder if some of the candidates who got kicked off earlier might have had better plans?

Yeah it was hardly Dragon’s Den was it? The key point the producters were looking for when trying to get the candidates was the ability for them to say stupid things like they are the Napoleon of the business world, rather then them actually having a decent business idea.


The ideas that reached the interview stage:

  1. A former Asda employee with a mobile disco.

  2. A David Brent like guy with a failing marketing company that his brother owns half.

  3. Someone with an add on for a dating app that would take millions to get going from scratch.

  4. A hairdresser from Plymouth who wanted to open more of the same

  5. A plumber/MC Grinda who didn’t have any idea of what his business would do to expand, “Probably just buy some vans or something innit”.

There was no quality in that bunch from day one - it was like Sunderland and Aston Villa combining to create a super team.


Yes to the above, but one of these low quality clueless bunch has just walked away with ÂŁ250k of funding plus the support of Sugar and all of his advisers / connections to help make it happen, so I suspect Jospeh is pretty happy with his efforts right now.

If they filled all the available contestant slots with people who were really clued up, intelligent, undeluded and sensible, there really wouldn’t be much of a show. Still find it hard to believe that anyone would throw £250,000 at any of those tossers though.

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bunch of vacuous cunts imho…

Only caught a couple of the episodes, but the bloke who won it looked like any other salesman you’d want to avoid.

Be afraid. These people will be running businesses you might have to work with. Or ones very similar. Makes you glad you’re gonna die one day, doesn’t it?


p.s. While these pink ones are quite fetching - why the differences? For those who know him, this one looks a bit like Smug Roberts (I think that’s his name).

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