🤝 The Appointment Race



The primadonnas on the pitch would make mincemeat out of Potter inside six weeks. That’s a job for a Fergie, someone handy with a hairdryer who won’t tolerate any egos except his own.

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Nuno Espirito Santo expected to be installed at Forest

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Birmingham City have named Tony Mowbray as their new manager

Has a lot of experience with failing teams. :rofl:




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I wonder if they’ve assured him, as we apparently did, that they’ll “look beyond the results.” :thinking::smile:

Holy shit - the Charlton fans think he will be an upgrade

How bad was their previous manager?

He did well at Luton, to be fair. Manager of the season in 21/22. Mind you, he was shit at Stoke, and even worse here.

With God and a God-sized ego on his side, what could possibly go wrong?

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Colin off to jockland?


Sad old club

Good luck, Charlton. You’re going to need it. Mind you, they’ve got the Skates in 3 weeks.


Does Sharon like Haggis?

Jason Puncheon segués smoothly into management.


Oooh destabilise the fvckers

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We should be keeping our heads down

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