🤝 The Appointment Race

In direct contrast to the “The Sack Race” thread this is intended to laugh/muse at the rumoured replacements for those sacked.

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We need an inside line to the black box to see who they have lined up for us next.

Cant our @pap hack the system and find out?

So who is the next manager going to be?

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Running out of options - a bit like Everton who seem to think Diego Simeone would go there but are rumoured to have opened talks with BFS.

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We do not want BFS

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It’s lilke a game of musical chairs / Russian roulette at the moment - who is left available.

BFS, Pardew & our Nige at the moment just have to hope somone else blinks first

We still have a manager don’t we?

We have a person in charge but at this moment in time I would not call him a manager

Voice piece


Scape goat (sorry @goatboy )

that’s how I see him


We got through at least 4 posts without falling into @philippinesaint trap of tallking about us.

ANYONE who sacks their manager at the moment is left with a really inspiring choice of replacements

Simeone to Everton. That’s almost as (sadly) laughable as the shambles at #10 at the moment. They’ve GOT to be favourites to get stuck with BFS


They were discussing Everton’s pursuit of Simeone on Sky Spurts last night (“The Debate - Live”, I think)

Ian Wright was saying that they may be able to get Simeone to go there but attracting the players would be an issue. He basically said “No disrepect to Everton but if you went the to the North West you’d go to United, City or Liverpool!!”

Our next manager played in the 6-3 beating we handed man u in 1996.

He will be available as soon as Östersunds FK get knocked out of the europa league.

Welcome Graham Potter(eventually).


May have to wait a while they’e top of their group.

Read this recently - players putting on Ballet for the locals.

The thought of FF and Ballet…


Lol at his first line of thought. Sigh

Tim Sherwoods still floating about as far as I know … he’s got all the makings of a great toffee :lou_lol:


Everton thinking they can get anyone just because they’re Everton


Cross posting, what cross posting

:lou_facepalm_2: :lou_facepalm_2: desperate times call for desperate measures