💿 The 50 Year Old Juke Box

:cd: The 50 Year Old Juke Box


OK this is a thread that can run forever…
Post up any single or album track released 50 years ago starting this year of course with 1969…
All you need is a long memory or a little research. Mainstream or “off the wall”…keep it rolling, keep it entertaining. :lou_lol:


What a great thread. All the more so because 1969 saw the release of Trout Mask Replica, one of the most influential LPs ever recorded, though it didn’t sell a heap of copies at the time. Here’s one of its more accessible numbers:


John Peel played every track…many times. :slight_smile:


I’ve broken the embed function :lou_sad:


Probably because that track is 51 years old…1968. :smile:


I’m just going to post the whole album, seeing as it’s one of the great albums:







I mean, I could go on…





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