:engerland: 🏏 :Ireland: The 4 day Test. Eng v IRE


Root wins toss & bats.
Must bowl 98 overs in a day, each session extended by 15 minutes so lunch & tea at weird times.
Playing Moeen & Leach
Debuts for Olly Stone & Jason Roy.
What could possibly go wrong?
Mods? Find the right flags cant see them sitting outdoors!


Had free ticket. Cant go coz work :frowning:

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That plan didn’t work.
Roy gone for 5 after 2.4 overs


Denly lbw b Adair 23 (Eng 36-2)


Burns & Root in



Burns c Wilson b Murtagh 6 (Eng 36-3)


This is not going well

Root not out 0

Bairstow not out 0


Root lbw Adair 2 (Eng 42-4)

Bairstow not out 0

Moeen not out 0


Can I pipe up now amatuers? Or can I call everyone a cunt and clueless?



Woakes lbw b Murtagh 0 (Eng 42-6)


yes you can

we will be all out by lunch

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Oh good grief


43-7 Moeen gone


Good because the abuse I got was a tad harsh, I’m a gent and wouldn’t be so reactionary to people personally, I am smirking though, we can’t play line and length on a green wicket, Starc will fuck us so hard we’d be thinking we’re in a S&M porno.


Murtagh currently 5’11


At least passed their lowest Test score at Lords 53 in 1888


85 all out. Some decent shots by Stone but an early lunch I guess


Is he expected to grow?


Lulling the Aussies into a false sense lof security… its a classic bluff

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Indeed we also are throwing in 3 wickets straight up before we come out (maybe 2 if Roy is a success).