The 2016 close season transfers thread

So we’re 6th, in the Europa League, and have recently signed up a few of our players onto long term contracts.

Who is staying? Who is going?

It’s the big transfers thread.

Wanyama’s going for sure, one year left on his contract after this and he’s wanted out for a while. Considering we could lose him for nothing next summer i’d take 15-20m for him happily. Hope he doesn’t go to Spurs but ultimately we just need to capitalise on the interest in him.

Pelle will probably be offski as well, good form this year will attract interest from Italy and it’s common knowledge that he wants to prove himself over there. With Morata likely to leave Juventus this summer I reckon they’ll invest some of that money in Pelle and some in youth.

Mane will go if we get a good enough bid for him - Arsenal rumours surfacing today and Man Utd have been circling for a while. Wouldn’t mind a swap deal, AOC for Mane.

Not really sure that the Tadic rumours have much solidity to them, but if he does go we should be able to bring in a creative wing player to fill the gap. Ziyech is a name that’s been touted around for a while, but with Twente’s financial situation there’ll be a lot of clubs looking for a cut-price deal on him.

As for who’s coming in, we need a goalkeeper or two as Fraser and Paulo are now the only 2 senior keepers on our books (with Kelvin retiring/leaving and Stek probably not joining permanently). Wouldn’t mind seeing us go for Bettinelli at Fulham as a good young option, although there are question marks over his injury record.

Potentially needing another RB as well although I think Cedric and Cuco have been fine this year, with Yoshida as back-up. We even have Stephens & McCarthy returning to the club after their loan spells so we may decide to integrate one of them rather than signing more players who would block their progression.

The only real worry for me in the team is actually at striker - we have good depth there but the injury records of some of the players is concerning. Austin and Jay Rod have had horrendous records over the last few years and have been in and out of the team all season. If they can both rest up well and have a good strong pre-season then i’d be happy, but with Pelle and/or Mane likely to leave too we’d pretty much just be left with Shlong. Koeman’s recent comments about Vincent Janssen are encouraging, and I would be very happy if we were to sign him to provide competition and more bodies in the squad given our likely departures.


I read an article the other day saying that Stek was signing permanently. Would be happy with that.

If Mane goes, it better be for a lot of money. He really is our driving force and always tries to make things happen.

wanyama’s off and wouldn’t be surprised to see Pelle go. I doubt think Tadic will go, despite K Billy from swf saying its on the cards. Lets not forget, he also told us that clyne was about to sign a new contract just before he left.

new RB should be no.1 priority and then see who leaves. Would like to see a quality, reliable and consistent striker. Lets hope Austin or Jay can sort themselves out or we can afford to buy one.


Mane and big Vic will be off. Maybe a few fringe players, but I think we should try and keep the rest together and bring in AOC and a midfield ball winner will be needed to pay alongside Davis.

there is not really anyone from the relegated teams that I fancy really. Not any that will make the team stronger.

That Anthony Stokes looked handy, but would not improve on what we have.

Any Liverpool players we fancy, as they will be itching for European football surely… Do you think it was more to do with money, oh you cynical lot!

Is Leigh Griffiths actually any good? He got 40 goals this season but is he only Football Manager good, or Scotland good? Nicking Brendan’s star striker could be funny.

He has tried in the English league, but could not cut it at Wolves and think he moved on to Hibs on loan before Celtic. He was only at Wolves 2 year ago, so was there for 3 years without breaking into the first team (championship) . Ex Dundee, we should steer clear.

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No, he’s not cut out for English football. SPL is incredibly average and any half-decent striker will have luck there.

Case in point - Graham Cummins has bullied defences this season for St Johnstone, yet he struggled with Exeter in League 2 the year before…

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Not one of ours, but it looks like Klopp is taking decisive action in the transfer market. Competition for the keeper they’ve just handed a five year deal to.

Arsenal want Mané. Football365 reckon a bid of around 17million will be enough to secure his services.

I’m assuming that’s 17mil on top of a free Oxlade-Chamberlain :lou_lol:

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Sounds like Arsenal are keen to not repeat the inactivity seen last summer. Granit Xhala looks to be announced any day now.

Also sounds like a big offer has gone in for Alvaro Morata (which could be the catalyst for Pellè to head to Juve).

Can’t understand why Les don’t give Mane new contract ffs. If I was Les I would be like, Sadio, new contract yo! And if he was like, no tks, I would be like, Sadio, pls, be srs, and then he would be like oh ok. That is what I would do. I would prob do the same with Wanyama.

Edit: And coomen.


Les Reed is becoming the new Cortese according to the doomsayers on other Saints forums. Didn’t give RK enough of a bigging up when asked to summarise his reign, apparently.

other saints frms are off their heads, I wouldn’t read them if they paid me £5


This is from somewhere else so don’t shoot the messenger :-


Mane - Attracting attention from Arsenal and Man Utd - reportedly Utd looking to table £25m a bid of £17m may be enough.

Long - Leicester and Liverpool both showing interest reports of upto £25m on offer.

Pelle - Lazio showing interest although he is also interested in extending his contract.


Dennis Praet - Anderlect - £10m - also interest from Leicester and Everton and maybe Liverpool

Simone Zaza - Juventus - West Ham also showing interest

I thought that Arsenal had made a signing, but no no no, they have given Sanchez the number 7 shirt! Great!

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Originally posted by @BTripz

Long - Leicester and Liverpool both showing interest reports of upto £25m on offer.

my broadband is “upto” 25Mbps but really that only means 6 so :lou_angry: no deal

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Originally posted by @Bearsy

Originally posted by @BTripz

Long - Leicester and Liverpool both showing interest reports of upto £25m on offer.

my neighbours broadband is “upto” 25Mbps but really that only means 6 when I piggy back on his WiFi so :lou_angry: no deal

Fixed it for you!!


We have never been in a stronger position to negotiate with Man Utd.

If their new manager wants Mane they will pay whatever it takes.

Call it £30m for cash - take him and fuck off.



How very true.

Popped over to see if there were any rumours about and it didn’t take long to remember why I love this place so much.

Every close season like a line of lemmings jumping off a cliff of despair into a sea of urine wrung from their very own mattress’.

Although TBF I do find the endless enquiries regarding the signing of Skacel hilarious.