The £170m Penalty Shoot Out

Will anyone have the nerve to score?

1 - 0 Reading.

1- 1

2 - 1 Reading

2 - 1 Huddersfield miss

3 - 1 Reading

3 - 2

3 - 2 Reading miss

I wanted Huddersfield to win but having watched the whole game, I wouldn’t care if football was banned across the whole world.

reading miss

3 - 3 Huddesfield equalise.

3 - 3 Reading miss

3 - 4 Huddersfield are in the Premier League.

Terrible game…both sides make Saints look like a goal machine.

3 shots on target between them in 120 minutes.

Delighted for Huddersfield. Really likeable team. Complete rag-tag bunch of randomers with what seems like a great ‘crazy gang’ spirit - exactly my cup of tea.


As nice as it would’ve been to have Reading in the Premier League, making P*mpey feel even more inadequate as the only Southern-Central team not in the top tier, i’m really happy for Huddersfield. An amazing turnaround from last season and they pushed Brighton & Newcastle all the way in the automatic promotion races.

They do seem to have a Bournemouth/Burnley type situation with their squad lacking real quality but being a very tight, hard-working unit so they could surprise a few next season too.


And all the Reading shirts go back in the drawer for at least another year.