Test thread. Ignore

Test thread. Ignore


As you were.

Nothing to see here.


Oh yes there is


I’m a nosey fucker and couldn’t resist. It was the … that made me look, like maybe there was something coming that wasn’t to be ignored.



Most of us are males and never read the destruction manual until it is to late


FYI, you can expect this thread to be deleted later, so don’t choose this moment to make your most witty or cutting posts.


I haven’t done that on any thread yet so why would I start now?


Yeah, to be fair, I was talking to everyone else except you vagster.


Fair do’s :lou_smiley:




I heart Barry…I heart Barry…I heart Barry…I heart Barry…I heart Barry…I heart Barry… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What’s this all about.

Had to take a look round

*walks out.


I thought it was ODI time.

Or did I miss those & we’re playing WIndies?

Did Cook stay on as Skipper?


I done a poo


This could be a place where we have tested things. We can share and let others know if they worked but mainly went wrong and were to ignore!

I am going to test my rice penis tonight.


What is a ‘rice penis’ kev?


nevermind just seen the other thread :lou_smiley:


I have recently discovered that even if you delete posts or threads, vote counts remain intact.


Is this Sotonians “Porton Down”

Are Pap and Bletch cooking up some DDD (deadly digital device) that will render all other online football forum uninhabitable for the next 25,000 years…is the “Bazza Ain’t won nothing since 1976 virus” to be released into an innocent unsuspecting Internet.

If this thread is deleted, we’ll know that sinister “Powers” are at work. :lou_angry:


Oi! I was a hero yesterday, restoring posts that appeared dead.

Either that or the Night’s King at Hardholme.