Terry Wogan has died

Terry Wogan has died


Sad news, his chat show was the big program when I was a young teen. RIP.


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Sad news, his chat show was the big program when I was a young teen. RIP.

Yep…nice chap. RIP


Terry Wogan was never my cup of tea during his period of near-ubiquity on the BBC, although I was probably in my teens at the time. I certainly came to appreciate his brand of cheeky cynicism during the Eurovision commentary, and always thought him fascinating when he popped up on telly in later life.



I always thought he was far, far better on the radio.


Can’t listen to Radio 2, I’m still in denial. Can’t listen to Radio 1 either.


Famous people need to stop dying. It’s unnerving.


Yes I saw the other day that the guitarist from Jefferson Airplane had also died


I liked him as an entertainer, but only really started to respect him as a human a few years ago.

I watched a documentary that he made about Ireland where he went to the Catholic school where he was educated.

He could barely contain the contempt in which he held the Catholic church, its Brothers and its ‘schools’.



Very sad. Nice guy. RIP. Oh and fuck off cancer.


That was my first thought. It’s like having distant relative die, ones you rarely saw our haven’t seen in years and although it doesn’t make a difference to your life it’s a reminder that time is passing and you’re probably next.


Terry Wogan was a guest speaker at a function I was at a few years back. A colleague and I met him in the lift on the way out. He didnt know us from Adam but chatted happily in the lift, through the foyer and outside by his car. He would have carried on talking if we hadnt said that we needed to get back to work! He seemed to be a geniunely nice man and this is more sad news.Also did an awful lot for “charidy.” RIP Sir Terry.


This is when I started liking him as well. He was also on the Russell Brand show a few times and was decent in that, giving as good as he got.


I know January’s a harsh month, but christ.


And Frank Finlay has died!