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I see TalkSport’s parent company has been bought out by News Corp. This came as a surprise as I thought they already owned it? Anyway, good to see Colin Murray has quit as being a Liverpool supporter he feels his position is now “unsustainable” as he doesnt want to be associated with The Sun. Stan Collymore has also had a new contract withdrawn (not before time many might say). The only show I listen to is Hawksby and Jacobs and they are becoming a bit tired now. Cant believe that Adrian Durham is still going strong…and dont get me started on Alan Brazil. What an awful station.

Colin Murray’s show is excellent. The only thing worth listening to on the station.

So excellent you said it twice??

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you have two question marks at the end of your question.

I always do, it’s a strange affectation of mine!! I do it with apostrophes too??

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Colin Murray’s show is excellent. The only thing worth listening to on the station.

So excellent you said it twice??

I’ve got Fatso’s double-clickin’ back :slight_smile:

It was shit enough as is. It’ll be interesting to see which way Barry Glendenning jumps.

He’s one of the Irish Guardian journalists on Football Weekly (Paul Doyle being the other) but moonlights on talkSPORT on Sunday morning.

We need the Football Weekly / Ramble guys to team up and start their own radio station. There’s definitely a space for it. talkSPORT’s best content was definitely its more intelligent stuff.

It was already on the way out with me. Think I’m absolutely done with it now.

Stopped listening to the station a couple of years ago.glad stan has finally been pushed though because he should have been sacked a couple of years ago, shame really because at times he can be very good, just sadly the rest of the time he is a self obsessed prat.

He is indeed. He doesnt seem to have an awful lot of self control and does get carried away a lot.

Sometimes I just want to listen to bros taking bout football, so am a bit captive audience. Too often tho it’s cricketers talking bout football, or even cricket, or horse racing, or golf, or other stuff I’m not interest. Hopefully the Sun will make it more just about football professionals talking bout football, with a bit of light racism, scouse-baiting and boobs thrown in.


Vote was for amusement, not endorsement, ursine pest.

Mine was an endorsement

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Mine was an endorsement

Don’t make me do the scouse guardian thing again.

I’m very practiced at it and there’s a good chance that forum stalwarts will drop dead from repetition if they hear it again :lou_smiley: