Tadic to replace Couthino at Liverhampton?

Tadic to replace Couthino at Liverhampton?


Apparently according to various sources online Tadic is supposed to be Liverhampton’s number one target to replace Couthino. He is said to be worth 40 mil and a superb choose for klippety klops team. Personally I think this is a load of bull and that even if we were going to sell him he’d only go for 10 mil. It would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this absolute load of shit.


As the saying goes, I would drive him up there myself (unless he rediscovers his old form, then he can stay).


Susan is described as a “play maker”


Lets see him prove it against Watford


I think Sotonians should launch a concerted campaign to keep Dusan…he’s a wonderful asset to the team and would be irreplaceable.

Let’s start this campaign NOW…just like we did for Lallana, Rickie, Mane, Lovren, Clyne, Van Dijk…he must not be allowed to leave! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If he can show his worth on the pitch then I agree he would be an amazing asset


On this season’s performances I would accept 40 quid.


Oh and welcome SimplySaint!


Come on Goatee…you know how this works. :lou_wink_2:

Get behind the campaign.


Thank you @undefined



Enjoy and endure @simplysaint

Hey Pap - right there that should be our new Sotonians motto it covers the footie and the site- without ref to SimpleSaint though obvs


Hi @simplysaint I noticed the other day that Liverpool were 4/1 favourites to sign him. It would be a dream to take another £40m off them for him, or we could swap him for Sturridge(they can pay half his wages to make up the shortfall).


Isn’t that a rumour that someone from here was supposed to be starting?


Please please please please

£40m??? I would laugh my cock off if we got even half of that.


They’ve got near £80m spare running around, I’m sure they could afford £40m for Susan…


According to the Liverhampton Echo his release clause is only (?!) £13m, so get ready to laugh you cock off if they pay £20m


Someone was successful :lou_smiley:


You sly dog @saint-or-sinner , were you bored in the pub after getting kicked out on Saturday?


I heard City were in for Redmond for 35m…I’m sure you’ve all heard that too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thought it was nearer £70m?


Tadic is a smokescreen. I went to Liverpool and spent the rest of the weekend going from one taxi to another telling them that man u were about to offer £60m for Redmond(he can play in the middle don’t you know, they believed it) .

Expect an announcement on Friday that Liverpool have beaten the competition with a £65 bid to secure the services of the next Jordan Ibe(they don’t know this bit yet).