🏏 🏆 🗺 T20 World Cup 2024

World cup kicked of last night

USA V Canada,

USA won by 7 wickets

West indies beat PNG by 5 wickets
PNG played well just not enough runs on the board


Oman 12-3 after 3 overs v Namibia

Oman all out 109 19.4 overs

Namiba fail to chase down 110 so match tied so go to super over

Namibia get 21 from the first super over

Oman only get 10 -1 from their super over Namibia win

I thought they were normally at Chumpions League matches…

Used to love India v Pakistan games at Sharjah.
Local Cops in dark blue camouflage gear walking round with big sticks just whacking anyone getting too boisterous on Lipton Yellow Label Tea.

Think we went to 4 or 5 games in total youngest kid was about 7 at his first - never forgotten it

New York Cop Snipers…
Good grief…

That’s a helluva pop up Stadium they’ve created
(In the middle of nowhere with limited public transport…

Sri Lanka bat v SA

Iffy pitch
SL 22-1 off5.3 overs.

Can’t hit the ball off the square
Variable bounce slow pitch and swinging in the air.

Pitches were planted and grown in Australia and shipped across

They have some random American - Jimmy - in the box, sounds like a sports commentator but adds value with the bleeding obvious

SL 31-2 off 7.5

32-3 off 8.2
32-4 off 8.3

45-6 11.2 overs

SA need 78 to win
Proper village cricket from SL tbh
Sure pitch isnt good but play the conditions
And why bat first on a never tried before wicket?

SA making hard work of this 54-4 with 7 overs to go

Afghanistan started very well and finished on 183-5 then bowled Uganda out for 58 but the joy on the Ugandans faces when they got the first Afghan wicket was something else.


You’ve spent a fortune to go watch England (or Scotland) in Barbados
And it’s raining…

Our Dxb Saints man on the ground (he’s a teacher moved tgere last summer) says this is not a pitch to chase runs on, Scots winning the toss could make it a close game

40-0 off 5.2
Sloppy from England