Birmingham is bright and sunny and there should be a cracking atmosphere today.

Hants play in the second T20 semi at 2.30pm. Just the small matter of getting past Notts, the best team in the competition…

I warmed up for today’s 12 hours of drinking with 8 beers and 3 gins last night. It’s all about preparation :blush:


Yep 2pm KO…I’ll be here in the lounge wearing my string vest, socks, sandals and knotted handkerchief. Oh and a steady supply of lager (only drink lager watching cricket).

COME ON AMPSHIRE!!! :lou_lol:


Gonna rush back from the beach and find a dodgy feed.

Work tomorrow so better win both games nice and quickly please


So 9pm kick of for me. Work will have finished for the day and I will be in my pit, TV showing motor racing and PC showing the live updates from the cricket. I will be dreading the telephone ringing for an emergency call out because the production dept have broken something.


Hey, what fancy dress are you wearing Bucks. Trying to pick you out when the cameras are on the crowd. :lou_lol:


pics please



Bearsy’s team got 175 - 9 in there 20 overs.


I am in the middle of the Hollies stand with plenty of fancy dress bonkers around me. I don’t need to compete with them, sorry LITSL.

But I am trialling a new app which allows Edgbaston to take pics of me / my area of the stand, so as it gets madder later and I will share what they send me :grinning:


Bowling very well too. Glamorgan five down from 9 overs.

Currently 76-5 at halfway point.


I think KRG was after a pic of you, not one of Bletch. That said, I’ve rarely seen him looking better.


So, Hants need to beat the best team in the competition and then the home team. :lou_sad:


Hants won the toss and elected to bowl.


Hales gone in the 2nd over…vital wicket.

25 - 1 off 3 overs.


Moores out for a duck…

49 - 2 off 5 overs


Wahooo Crane gets Wessels out for 48

71 - 3 off 7.3 overs.


83-3 at halfway.

Crowd going nuts already


99 - 4 off 12.2 overs

Taylor out for 19.


115 - 4 off 15 overs.


122 - 5 Patel out for 35

15.3 overs