🏃 ⛔ Swerve-worthy

I like to think we’re a fairly positive bunch on Sotonians. In general, you see a lot of celebration of things, a lot of recommendations. Good, positive stuff.

This is not that thread. This is the thread where we advise people not to watch something, or listen to something.

My starter for ten is going to annoy some people, as this is a popular show which a lot of people like. For that reason, it’s all the more important that this information is divulged.

The inaugural entry in the swerve-worthy list is :-

Sons of Anarchy

Yes, I know people like it. I think it’s fucking awful. It’s what Kurt Sutter did after doing The Shield, except its not done as well.

Both shows feature bad boys up to their fucking necks in violence, yet somehow never dropping the F bomb.

I think the thing that gets me on Sons of Anarchy is it’s just so fucking cheap. On every level. The casting is cheap, the location shots are cheap. Half the plot is a cheap rip-off of Shakespearian themes, which gave the show undue love from the critics in its early shows.

If you have any inkling of the mechanics of fiction, you’ll know that it all runs on conflict. And yes, all such conflict is contrived; it’s fiction after all. Sutter’s method of doing this is painfully transparent - just as things are about to be resolved, bung another spanner in the works.

Sons of Anarchy is fucking shit. I hereby submit it as the first time for your consideration on the swerve-worthy list.

Sons of Anarchy. Swerve or lurve?

  • Swerve
  • Lurve

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Surely we would have to watch it to know if we should swerve it which defeats the object of you telling us to swerve it :thinking: :thinking:


I started to watch it, but it got a bit same old, same old. Got very bored and stopped watching. A semi-swerve if you like.


I got sucked in to opening this thread, when clearly the title gives a serious steer to avoid doing any such thing. :upside_down_face:


Whatever Tiger Woods was watching yesterday.


I made about 3 episodes of Netflix “Snowpiercer”
Just one question…WHY?

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Come on @lifeintheslowlane, play the game.

You need to poll your audience.

  • Snow-pisser
  • This snow is really piercing stuff, ya?

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I think the issue with this thread is the loss of the watercooler age. I am pleased that so few seem to have an opinion on Sons of Anarchy. It means you can be saved!

I think we need some fayre from the four channel age of television and movies.

What is the MOST swerve-able “thing based on a clever vehicle” out of these?

  • Knight Rider
  • Street Hawk
  • Airwolf
  • Blue Thunder
  • The Wraith
  • Herbie

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Airwolf can fuck off for me.

It’s Knight Boat all the way for me.

The Walking Dead - all permutations

OK , maybe a bit too modern

It does go through too much rinse and repeat shit. I’m very pleased to say that the last two seasons have been excellent, at or near the top.

Is it:-

  • The Walking Dead
  • The Wanking Dead

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Despite being an aircooled VW fan who has owned a Beetle I fell asleep during “The Love Bug”…like watching paint dry.

I still think you’re being horrible to Herbie.

The poor bastard has less communication facilities than your average hound, forced to appear in Disney movies over the decades.

A servile experience, with the only exciting moment being the time Lindsay Lohan’s hand-bag spilled straight into his vents.

I think you’re both too harsh on the poor fella.

No, @lifeintheslowlane has the right of it. Dull as a very dull thing.

Who’d have thought the idea of car with a “mind” would spawn itself years later though?

I agree both the series AND the movie.
Daughter told me to keep going.
Nope still swerve worthy.
Last 3 episodes of S1.
Hmmm OK starting to understand why.
Ah OK. It’s watchable.
Then Poland had an ice age of it’s own & I didnt want to watch what was happening here especially when I wanted a smoke at night.
Now we hit 15C will pick it up again.

IF you had to fight through WHY? of The Umbrella Academy or Snowpiercer then Academy because it is brilliant eventually
Pierce becomes “not shit” so it is not a swerve

The Umbrella Academy

  • Gonna take a rain check
  • Oh wow they did WHAT?

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He’s been locked in a garage going slowly insane.

corrected for you.

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The vote is for this?

I’ll “out” myself as a fan if it is - seems that’s the thing to do - Is that what you’re supposed to do? Couldn’t be arsed to understand the meanderings on the Woke Bloke thread tbh.

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