🏆 :swanseacityfc: Swansea City v Southampton :saints: - FA Cup 3rd Round (Live on the :bbc:)

:swanseacityfc: v :saints:

Moved to 17:30, live on BBC Wales

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Apparently Salisu’s suspension will be served during this match as it was 2 yellows, KW-P’s won’t be though as a suspension from 5 yellows have to be served in the PL…

Salisbury would probably have been rested anyway…

A bit severe what did they do?


So, not on the telly box unless in Wales?

'tis Hull City v Everton on the English channels… if you’ve got Sky, BBC Wales is on it…

I’m pretty sure we’re closer to Swansea than Hull or Dipperland…

Can also apparently change your location via BBC iplayer to get local regional programmes. Fingers crossed

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We’re cable Virgin Media and BBC Wales is channel 864.


Team will be interesting. My guess:

Valery Stephens Lyanco Perrauld
JWP Diallo
Walcott Tella
Long AA

But KWP could feature as suspended next game, maybe Lewis will finally get a chance, but just seen he wasn’t even on the bench last two games - we had no sub keeper.

Also Djenepo might come in. And it all depends on who’s got COVID. So anyone’s guess.

Think Djenepo is at AFCON. Big Willy may be in nets if his deal is extended. No point risking Forster if McCarthy is still crocked.

Are League suspensions not carried over to the cup?

Debut for Dyniel I reckon

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Salisu’s is but KWP’s for 5 yellows isn’t.

Forgot about Djenepo and AFCON. No idea on the keeper situation.

This works.


I see PL clubs have been told they MUST play Cup games this weekend no matter how weak a team they have to put out. They don’t want rearranged Cup games getting in the way of the growing list of postponed PL games.

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What about their lower league opponents though? Do they forfeit if they cannot get a side out?

That’s the impression I’m getting

Then at least they are showing consistency after poor old Orient got screwed last season, they can screw other lower league teams now

Just watched the presser. As ever, Ralph talks so much sense. Dealt with some of the predictable questions re new owners very well.

Interestingly, he dropped in a suggestion that he was not certain that new signings (e.g. Newcastle) would be allowed to play in rearranged games. Said it had been raised with the PL. :thinking: