Supporting team you hate

Supporting team you hate


somewhere to comment on Games in the run in. Then we can flush this thread down the khazi at the end of the season

and the fucking stupid manc bastards hav3 conceded


We have the heart of a mouse.


Are the Mancs deliberately trying to fuck this up?


Pogba finally does something good


Then fucks it up


How is Pogba worth £89m


Because man u have a fucking lot of money.

Scary when you consider how much the yanks have taken out, solely to make the club pay them to be given it.


30 minutes for Man U to unfuck this

luke shaw coming on, go on lad do us a favour


Come on you tossers


Get the fuck in you bloody beauties


United have character.


Holy shit that was close


Fucking Mancs pull your fingers out



Reading manc comments on BBC Text feed is like reading #saintsfc after a game…


Get the fuck in. Bloody love the reds




Does this mean that Palace are not up for the fight? Are they a bunch of hairdressers?


I may need to post on this thread more often


There are now 7 teams on between 27-30 points. Two of them to go down along with West Brom, who have surely gone already. I don’t recall a relegation scrap like it ever before (that said, I do have a terrible memory)


No they simply have a huge injury list, players not as good as Uniteds and they deserve something from that and also the Spurs game but you make your own luck, if we played them they’d beat us rigth now though, they fight we don’t.