Superstitions .... logic is for losers!

So LITSL has his lucky cereal bowl, Bob’s got his unlucky mankini and to a lot of Sotonians (including myself), starting a Saints thread can be a very nervy affair, for fear of it effecting the outcome of a game.

Never ceases to amaze me how intelligent, well educated grown ups, will have wonderfully strange and deep rooted superstitions, even when they know they make no sense in the real world … it’s human nature I suppose.

So come on, spill the beans … everyone’s got em’

Never put them in an Acca as the outcome will always be different to what you require

I can’t listen to a game on the radio or check a score if i am not there - because I have the power to influence the outcome…

This is not a mad claim, I have two decades of solid data to support it, dozens of examples.

I only have to turn the radio on or look at a computer and the opposition score, often within 15 seconds.

The worst case was when we were driving home from holiday when we played at Fratton Park.

Mrs RB said, are you really still thinking you can change the game just by listening?

I thought about it and said you are right, it’s a mad idea - turn on the radio.

Within five seconds Niemi gave away a penalty and the game was lost.

It was quiet for the rest of the trip.

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The good thing about Superstitions is that you don’t have to believe in them…for them to work.

Sometimes they go a little wrong so they need a little tweeking to get them back on track but ultimately they work.

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Always give Ted’s toe a rub on the way into the ground.

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I was at that game. There was me thinking it was the lily livered embarrassment of wankers/players who were at fault that day. Turns out it was you all along. Arsehole. I still wake up in cold sweats thinking about that game.

Still, who the fuck is laughing now?


We all give Ted a grope - I often go for his heel.

Never really had one, but i do wear my Europa League hoddy to all the Europa games. Been pretty good at home and pretty shit away from home.

To make it worse i didn’t have it on when we played Hapoel away. Then again, i didn’t go to that game, so now starting to get superstitious that it might really be me that’s bad luck at away games.

Wish i hadn’t read this thread now.