:superbru: :pl: SuperBru - Premier League Predictor ‘23/24

Last season’s Predictor was won by @Goatboy on the final day of the season, think the Commentator screaming Goooaaatttboy as he score a 95th minute result.

As @Goatboy requested I have renewed the league for the coming season and have invited everyone back. If you’d like to join follow the link and create an account (if you don’t already have one)

Sotonians Premier League Predictor Pool '23/24

or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:


Round 1 had me with another yellow cap and @Polski_Filip win the wooden spoon

Round 2 saw @Polski_Filip redeem himself from the week before and win the yellow cap and goat boy get the wooden spoon

The leader board has me at the top and @BTripz at the bottom.
Where have we seen that before?

Oh really

I never knew, honest…


Round 3 - @JxgrSaint Back Where he Belongs

It would seem that @JxgrSaint knows the Premier League better than he knows the Championship, 3 rounds in and he gains his first :chapeau_jeune:, a score of 13½ sees him grab the hat from my hands.

Poor old @lifeintheslowlane manages to win this round’s :wooden_spoon: with a score of 5½ points.


Round 3 - Leader Board

@JxgrSaint back at the top, my score see me drag my sorry ass off of the bottom to be replaced by @lifeintheslowlane


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Round 4 - A Close Week.

I was looking at the table before the Arsenal v Man United game and I was top with 10½, @SimplySaint got the result spot on (after 11 minutes of added time!!) and most of us got the result, so I was expecting a :chapeau_jeune:, but no I was denied by an extract slam point for @Goatboy.

@Goatboy predicted 8 of the 10 results correctly so got 2 slam points same as @JxgrSaint, my 7 correct predictions only got me 1 slam point!!

So there we go, :chapeau_jeune: for @Goatboy

Bottom this round is @PhilippineSaint who seems to follow his Championship Predictor form or is it vice-versa??


Leader Board

@JxgrSaint is still at the top, with @TheMightyOstrich falling to the bottom to replace @Polski_Filip


Round 5 - Unlucky @SimplySaint

How unlucky is @SimplySaint, 9 results predicted correctly and he still only comes 2nd. Unfortunately 8 of his 9 correct predictions were only close, no exact and 1 result, so still a fair total of 15 points.

However @JxgrSaint managed 8 results, 2 of them exact and the result close. This gave him a winning score of 17 points and this round’s :chapeau_jeune:

@Goatboy, winner a couple of seasons ago, comes bottom (by ½pt) and wins this round’s :wooden_spoon:


Leader Board

@JxgrSaint extends his lead at the top, @SimplySaint and @Goatboy swap place, the rest stay where they are.


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