:pl:⚽ SuperBru - Premier League Predictor '21/22

A new season will soon be upon us and with it comes a new season of the SuperBru premier league predictor.

I have renewed the Sotonians league for the '22/22 season and invited the previous participants back.

Last season’s Superbru was won by @Upsidedownsaint with @TheMightyOstrich at the bottom

Anyone else who wants to join in is more than welcome, just sign up at https://www.superbru.com/ and then join Sotonians via the following direct link


or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code: poresums

Round Winner(s) Wooden Spoon
1. @Rugbysaint @JxgrSaint @PhilippineSaint
2. @BTripz @PhilippineSaint
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I have filled in all the predictions for the seasons and in my head Saints dont lose a game and beat Man Shitty to the title on goal difference :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


C’mon @lifeintheslowlane, @DellBoy, @Upsidedownsaint, and @Goatboy pull your fingers out…and @Rugbysaint and @Cobham-Saint

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Funnily enough I had a reminder from Superbru earlier.

Must reinstate the app :roll_eyes:

You should have stayed quiet for a week or 2
We could have spent time out of the bottom 5 ffs

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Picks done :+1:

After the first round I have my first of many wooden spoons and we have a tie at the top.

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Who else got some spam messages from Superbru over the weekend advertising Russian tarts?

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And the groveling apology


I cant believe I didnt come last in this OR FPL!

Happy so far


I’ll award badges for last week when I’m back home of me “hols”

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Points scored today.

Bx3 has a little lead this week.


Fair to say I had a mare today :man_facepalming:t2:


Round 1 - New season, new winners and losers

Round 1 saw some strange results in the League and this was reflected in the our scores, where our :chapeau_jeune: winners, yes winners, only got 6 predictions correct, 2 exact, 2 close and 2 results, for a total of 12 points. We’ve seen wooden spoons awarded for that sort of score!!

Anyway congrats to @Rugbysaint and @JxgrSaint, badges incoming.

Poor old @PhilippineSaint has obviously been affected by his sojourn in the UK and picks up this round’s :wooden_spoon:, a measly 5 points from 4 predictions…

Here’s this week’s table and, obviously, leaderboard

Round 2 - A strange name at the top of the table

Week 2 saw some more normal results in the league which was reflected in the humping that I gave you lot of losers, you should all be awarded wooden spoons for your poor efforts. Me, I got 8 predictions correct, 2 exact, 5 close and 1 result, giving me a total of 16.5 points and the :chapeau_jeune:

@PhilippineSaint’s poor run of form continues with him only picking up 4 points and another :wooden_spoon:.

Mention to @TheMightyOstrich who hasn’t won any wooden spoons so far.

Leaderboard after 2 rounds has me soar to the top, if we follow previous seasons form then I shall soon plummet and finish 2nd from bottom.

C’mon @DellBoy, @Numptyboi and @Upsidedownsaint picks needed.

Done. You cunts will get reamed.



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After yesterdays games @Saint-Rob is in the lead

and so much for @Numptyboi’s Reaming just never happened :rofl:

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Mid table mediocrity is a delight

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