Super Valentine's Sunday

Love is in the air; a love of the Premier League.

Big day today; I’m watching the Leicester game at the moment. If things stay as is, they temporarily pull 8pts clear.

Next up, Aston Villa vs Liverpool.

Spurs to play City to close the day.

And rugby in the middle of all of it. Fortunately my wife’s working today so there’s no one around to tell me I’m selfish.

Leicester down to ten men.

Simpson, eh?

Walcott equalises…hmmm.

jammy bastards scored with the last touch of the ball, virtually. 2-1 to the arse, Leicester and Simpson could well live to regret that.

Men against boys in this Villa vs Liverpool game.

4-0 to the scousers.

Line up…who wants a goal? Villa…well there are no words to say how bad they are today. 6 down and still 20 minutes to go.

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Yeah, they’re ridiculously bad. This will be the year that dooms them. The one season they can’t afford to go down…

Jesus, villa are shit.


Originally posted by @Fatso

Jesus, villa are shit.

But what did anyone expect. It was in the Press that Randy wanted to sell last season, he became increasingly desperate over the summer, but the idiot was holding out for north of 200 million. At the same time he was (trying) to cut deals he was asset stripping the club for all the cash he could raise thinking he could shaft the new owners with free transfers on high pay to go on Op Ex not Balance Sheet.

His strategy failed dismally, they now have nothing and it looks like it could be a long time before they get back up. Learner now has nothing left to sell, the club value will drop through the floor and with him there he is only going to milk any cash out he can.

And no I don’t feel any sympathy for their fans, they gave it large when he came in thinking he would spend them to success.

At least we are now “Sustainable”

But tbh if Villa were a horse, they’d have been put out of our misery ages ago, they were an embarrassment, ffs Wycombe showed more class and fight

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Spring 2005…

Villa came to SMS and recovered from 2-0 down to beat us, and even Steven Davis scored!

That was the moment I realised we were going down, that and when Marcus Bent scored.

2016 -WTFILN?

The snowy-nostrilled striker has been tasered and Villa are the ones going down - so bollocks to them!

The Ayatollah dragged me out for most of the day. Missed the arse game, missed the 'pool game, missed the England game and I am now watching those fecking Spurs win. What exactly is “super” about today?

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That’s opened up the title race, it’s now between Friend and Clattenberg as to which twat drops the biggest clanger to decide the final positions.

I reckon Kevin Friend still has another couple of shockers up his sleeve.

That wasn’t a bad day of football, if you actually got to see it. The missus spent the day cooking me a curry. I was sat in the living room, shouting numbers at her as the Liverpool goals went in. She’s happy.

Ended up swerving the Spurs game. Brightside is that City dropped points and they are closer to us. Would be funny if Pep ends up concentrating on domestic honours before a ball is even kicked next season.

Lost the cricket. All 3 Prem games went the wrong way. Beat a mickey mouse rugby nation. Whoop de sodding whoop.


Meanwhile, in Barcelona…

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Ah, a lesson to Henry and Pires :lou_lol:. Brilliant

that second half in the Barcelona game was a thing of beauty that has made me consider the future for Mrs fatso. She really needs to up her game if she’s going to compete with Barca.