Super Sotonian Chris Packham in trouble again?

I like him…doesn’t give a shit who he offends if it goes against his openly stated agenda.

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It’s that Countryfile gig, eventually it makes you go a bit native - look at Bill Oddie, he went completely whacko and they had to lock him in a barn for his own safety.

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They both had “issues” before taking the gig tbh but it does attract people with strong views and then, BBC have given them a platform, are surprised when they use it…weird.

Saw Oddie at an airport once. Very small. Oddie, not the airport.

What’s rude about a body?

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Feel a little uncomfortable posting this given his mental health issues, but as I’ve some solidarity with him on that, I feel I can get away with it.

This is road-crash TV…

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Packhams only redeeming feature is that he hates cats.

There are several key tips for making social occasions go well -

never ask me about Brexit

never get Pap onto Corbyn

and NEVER discuss squirrels with Bill Oddie.


Is he in new trouble? That article seems to be dated from last year?

More appalling terror attacks

What’s that in aid of, Fatso?

Further evidence that your day job really is important?

If anyone, like me, was confused about what Packham has been up to, he’s campaigning to prevent Marks and Spencer from selling red grouse.

Source; the Mirror’s 3AM.

It was a satire on how people will see headlines and not check the dates of articles, getting riled up about things that have happened in the past. That’s twice now I’ve had to explain humour to you. Are you a bit special?

Nah, I’m just missing your obvious genius, is all.

All the best comedians have to explain their own jokes.

I’ll try and keep them a bit simpler for you pap.

Simplicity is not the answer.

If you could provide some of that context, evidently present in your own head, which renders such posts into the side splitters they undoubtedly are, we may see some progress.

Ah stop being such a bully Pap, I understood the context and chuckled…inwardly, for a pico-second.

Mwah, bollocks. I’m not going to be lectured by Fatso on my inability to get humour when he’s not being very funny.

I’ve _seen _quality comedians in my time. The likes of Les Dennis and Tim Vine.

And besides, isn’t he the Lone Wolf? If he truly is capable by being bullied by a bit of tart sarcasm from yours truly, I’d fear for his place in the wild :lou_surprised:

I didn’t notice the date of the article tbh…still relevant anyway because he’s always putting people’s backs up…Packham…not Fatso I mean.

I like him…he’s a Sotonian so deserving of support de facto…whatever he’s saying. :lou_lol:

Haven’t a clue where Fatso comes from. :lou_wink_2:

Usually the larder.

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