Super Kelvin the coach

Super Kelvin the coach


Really happy for him. All we need now is another keeper to give some competition to Fraser. This is a coaching role for the first team, not just keepers.


I’m very glad to see the back of Eric Black, reportedly not a great influence. We know Kelv loves the club. The only question is whether he can cut out the comedy routine, and not spend his time teabagging players and uploading the footage to YouTube.


Can he play tomorrow?


Top appointment


Done to appease the fans, his appointment is based on what? He is a good bloke who loves the club and is a laugh?


Unusual for you to find a negative spin.


FFS Baz can’t you show some happiness for the bloke, maybe, just maybe he’s done his coaching badges and is a decent coach!



Maybe he’ll manage to instil a bit of responsibility? A bit of pride?

Who knows eh bazza? Maybe he’ll be too busy spraying ralgex in Dusan’s cacks.


Nice one Baz - piss on his parade why don’t you…?!



I too am suspicious of Kelvin’s appointment. What’s going on? He’s popular within the club and taller than most other people there. That seems odd to me. People are normally wary of tall people, yet here we have one who seems to have been promoted simply because of his height. Are the notoriously short Chinese over compensating?


You do know he is an assistant coach, right?


Have to admit to not being endowed with height big man (width and length is a different story…)

But even I would tower over the new owners…so another couple of feet onKelv really ain’t gonna make much difference


Rickie Lambert next please and we may even stay up!


Lickie Rambert, you mean.


The sequel to “Dykes in a Van”?



Hard to say, as we’ve heard nothing from them. Their silence on this, as with everything else, is so deafening that I can’t hear anything above it.




Well, do we put todays clean sheet down to Kelv’s influence on selection or just a fluke?

Think I’ll go for the first…


I’m prepared to upvote anyone with something positive to say on the subject.



He done good on first outing