Super Bowl 50 - Panthers V Broncos

Well it is here at last, super bowl 50 at the home of the super 49ers, but shame they were nowhere near the playoffs!

I am hoping for a Panthers win, as they have been the most exciting offensive team this season, thanks to their quarterback Newton (superman).

They are up against a very mean defence though, with a legend of a quarterback Manning. He cannot run, but this is probably his swan song, so would not mind him winning either, but rooting for the Panthers and a great game.

Anyone on here watching, or will I be talking to myself?

they say o-fence and de-fence.

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Originally posted by @Fatso

they say o-fence and de-fence.

Yep, even the English pitch side bloke!

Panthers kick off… Bring it on!

Panthers a bit like a rabbit in the headlights at the moment! Not started like they were supposed to.

34 yard field goal attempt is good

Panthers 0-3 Broncos

now let’s take a look at the Panthers offence. Very excited now.

A slip on the drive means a Panthers punt! Disappointing!

Incomplete rule on the field, then reviewed, should have been overturned to complete. Was not, then 2 plays later sacked Newton fumbled, touchdown Broncos, extra point good… 0-10.

If I was the Panthers I would feel hard done by!

Panthers need to loosen up. Newton not looking as confident as normal. Big ocassion getting to him?

Overthrowning the ball is a sign of not being loose!

Newton sacked, again! This is not looking good!

Penalty on play, seems like the referees were making up for their earlier mistake, not giving the completion earlier. 15 yard penalty for taunting after the play.

3rd and out again! Punt and Broncos have it back!

Nice bit of o-fence

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PANTHERS TOUCHDOWN!!! 73 yard touchdown drive.


extra point good 7-10

‘Field goal’ after the longest punt return in super bowl history.

Panthers 7-13 Broncos

Panthers just cannot get going, but the Broncos defence is bloody good, as is the Panthers.

Half time

Panthers 7-13 Broncos

Bloody half time show is terrible ha ha ha!

The miming is always a bit of a laugh though! Will was not even trying to look like he was drumming!

Jeez thank god the football is about to kick off again.

Broncos kicking to the Panthers to start the 2nd half!

Originally posted by @Fatso

Nice bit of o-fence

Yeah, but the de-fences are on top!