⚽ 🔃 Summer 2024 Transfer Window

Retained list:

No place for Stewie. :unamused:


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Ahh man - best wishes Stu

One of the good guys. I wish him success wherever he goes next


Making way for Toni Kroos🤪

:rotating_light:BREAKING NEWS: After his loan finished at Getafe, Mason Greenwood has been offered the chance to revive his career at Tottenham.

However, Mason has turned down the offer saying: “I have my reputation to think about.”

McDaily McRecord reporting McAdams to Wolves all but done.


Wee Man inbound



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Is this part of the package when we sign these youngsters? “Sign here nipper, we’ll turn you into a star then you can fuck off to a big club, earn your money and win your trophies, then come back here for your twilight years basking like a conquering hero in the nostalgic adulation of our fans while we give you one last paycheck along with a bit of potential management credibility”?

FFS. :rage::unamused:

You forgot the coaching bit… :lou_lol:

Rumour that one of our 16yrs old is heading to newcastle