🤪 🤨 Stupidest things you have ever done (and survived!)

It’s been very serious around here lately. The thread title is self-explanatory.

My starter for ten:-

I’ve walked through the Southampton railway tunnel, from Northam to Southampton Central, pissed up on high strength cider. I accomplished this with a friend. Our plan to not get killed by trains was to hide in the cubby holes made for the original engineers.

No trains came, thank fuck.


Being a Watersider there are a few.

Climbing trees in the forest with a few mates then getting some one on the ground to cut the tree down, as it starts to fall you have to move round so you dont end up under the tree.

When they were putting in the pipeline from the oil field in Dorset to the refinery and the BP terminal. The pipes were stored at various places on the forest (normally at the top of hilll’s) before they were buried. We would get three or four people into the concrete pipe and roll it down the hill. You had to get out the pipe before it hit the trees / remains of the broken pipes at the bottom otherwise you were aching for days and ears ringing for ages.


Another Waterside “sport”

Swimming off the end of Hythe Pier and trying to get far enough out to play chicken with container ships (it was too far out and cold to succeed tbf).

The quality of the water was more of a danger tbf.

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We did not have as an exciting a time, but when we were about ten the M27 was still getting built. Thomas Lewis Way had not been built yet. You could cut over a fence by Wide Lane and walk all the way up to the in-progress motorway.

There are big drainage ducts (well, for kids) underneath the road so we were able to walk from one side of the motorway to another, underground.


Stalking Ponies on the forest.

Or sneaking behind one then running as fast as fuck and jumping on its back and then hanging on for dear life as the terrified beast legged it normally across a road in front of speeding cars.

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Used to do this across the bypass from Applemore. No roads to worry about but plenty of gorse to fall into :joy:

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That’s it. I’m calling the RSPCA on you two. :rage::rage::smile:


Did the Hamble to Netley stretch a few times - it was the quickest way home

Thank fuck that line wasn’t electrified at the time

Netley was the midway point during one of my seemingly ill-fated ideas, which believe it or not, I managed to convince six other people to do.

Walk to Netley on Midsummer’s Eve to see if we could spot any ghosts. The sort of thing that makes perfect sense at a stupid age, pubs are off-limits and money is short.

We didn’t see anything at the Abbey nor did we see the Grey Lady at the military hospital.

It did piss down with rain, all of us had to walk home to various parts of Southampton. I had to get back to Lower Shirley. Complete pain in the arse at the time.

Older, not remembering much of it, it seems like Stand By Me.

When my sister was thirteen and started her periods she showed me and our younger brother her tampons. we quickly realised these had potential.
If you had a milk bottle full of petrol nicked from the lawn mower. you take the tampon out the tube hold it by the string and dip it in the petrol, as it swells you pull it back up and it plugs the Unigate milk bottle.
you are now holding the perfect Molotov cocktail. The string becomes the fuse before it was lobbed into the gorse bushes which @Cobham-Saint kept falling into.


FFS. This is exactly why the skates call us pony fiddlers.


Playing “war” with air rifles - pellets ricocheting off trees right by your head.

Fireworks - limitless opportunity here, but the one did stick out was when we used pieces of drain pipe as bazookas to fire rockets at each other.

A game of dare where two people put their forearms together, drop a lit cigarette in the middle. first person to pull their arm away loses - I still have the scars from that one

Started to support Saints


We can all agree on that one.


in the early '60s a mate found remnants of Local WW2 Dad’s Army troop in his loft…200 rounds of 303 blanks. Not having a rifle we adapted them by prising open the cartridges with a compass point, priming them with Jetex fuse and crimping them closed with pliers.
Lymington resounded with continuous gunfire that summer. Saved a few for bonfire night, half a dozen strategically placed beneath the Guy. They never knew what hit them. :lou_lol:


In my 20s, many a motorbiking near miss. Most memorable for me was coming back from Ringwood on the A31. Dual carriageway section going uphill. It was summer and lots of cars in both lanes, going at about 50-60mph ish. Had the girlfriend on the back.

I was impetuous then and wanted to go faster. So decided to overtake the outside lane of cars using the non-existent strip of concrete on the right of the white line marking the road edge. Got away with it, except for repeated punches in my back from the Mrs.


Voted Conservative.


Talking of live WW2 bullets, we used to regularly find them when bait digging in Hythe. We used to throw them at each other…none ever went off.

Darwin clearly didn’t keep an eye on the feral youth on the Waterside.


I hate this thread - I read something like this and remember something similar and equally stupid, like passing a cigarette from car to car whilst driving at 50mph down the A34

I am beginning to wonder how I have survived this long


Camping gas cylinders with valve sealed by nut & bolt and chucked on bbq or bonfires - good times.


Passing cigerettes pah

We passed a person from the front seat of a vw beatle to a mk2 escort through the windows between Devizes and Salisbury 1983 or 4 on the way back from Newport.