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If only you were still in the UK, you could watch this little beauty on TPTV catch up…


I actually started watching it yesterday, it falls squarely into the “so bad it’s good” category. Loving it :sunglasses::smile::smile:

For “they’ll love the life out of your body”, read “they’ll fuck you to death.” :flushed::flushed:

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So just finished Dr Who & The Zarbi. Oh no, wait, that was Cobs & CBS.
I just finished Hijack, which is about a 7 hour flight from Dubai to London (yeah been there done that 81 million times or something, and the series lasts 7 hours so not 24 but uses the time.

And yeah, it is a good use of streaming binge time, a few "no that doesn’t works but less than a current MCU/DC show and WAY less than a Disney Star Wars rip off

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Celebrity Masterchef

No spoilers.
Well deserved

Apple TV…at the cinema too…I posted the first trailer a few months ago.

Anyone who watched Justified a few years back (and you should it’s pretty good), will be pleased to know there is a new series on Disney+ after an 8 year hiatus. If you’ve never seen it, the first 6 series are also on Disney+ :cowboy_hat_face:

Season 4…Nov 10th…

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Just got to get to that date with no more Foundation for a while

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No Spoilers

Only Murders i the Building is Apple TV/Hulu’s biggest success by a country mile and a marvelous return to form for Steve Martin - S3 is well on it’s way now and, while it is stretching credibility into the land of Inspector Morse (More murders in his shows than in the history of Oxford0, the show’s guest stars have been legendary.
S3 has Paul (Saints Fan) Rudd and Meryl Streep which is crazy tbh.

But then in Ep7 we get 2 more - the first is a "hang on isn’t that??? (it was) and then the Video Call.

I think the show will win best cameo ever for that. and I :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

Just found this (Mr Mercedes) on Disney+, enjoying it so far with Brendan Gleeson at his grumpy best :lou_smiley:

The Continental has dropped on Prime.

The John Wick 70s prequelish thing.

Great start.
Music is :star_struck:

Best watch it now before the ads start then

Like I can afford subscriptions being unemployable!

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OK so it isn’t per se a John Wick prequel.
More of a Winston Scott origin story
(ie Ian McShane)
I am 40 minutes in and gripped, it is clearly not shit


Neither did I

I had to google.

So, IF you have watched the John Wick movies the show is fvcking brilliant

Logan Lucky - Netflix

Daniel Craig in hillbilly crime robbery caper.

Actually better than I thought it would be.

Diverting rather than must watch

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Going Postal - Terry Pratchett on Sky

Mrs C_S got a Now TV months subscription (to watch something else…)

Fucking buffers all the time - Netflix/ Prime all working fine .

Best of the Sky adaptations so far.

I’ll give Now TV the benefit of the doubt and try episode 2 tomorrow :rage:

Live to 100 - Secrets of the Blue Zones. Netflix.

A quite startling and engaging series looking at pockets around the world where the locals have seriously long life expectancy, combined with active, fulfilled life in their 80s, 90s and beyond.

Disease rates dramatically lower, dementia almost non existent and no nursing homes! I loved the guy in Costa Rica who jumped on his horse and proceeded to round up some cows…he was 101.

A real eye opener.