đź‘€ Strangely compelling

I have now watch three of this blokes videos… I have absolutely no idea why, but there is something hypnotic about them… I cant be the only one who has no interest but watches nonetheless less… one of his has nearly 1million views!

Anyone else have a strange fetish for peculiar YouTube vids?


Could this turn out to be the least interesting thread on the forum?

Some Golf stories have been more interesting than this

Nah, the golf threads were so uninteresting i had even forgotten about them … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Watch the video and tell me you aint tempted to to click on another…

You’ll love this


Jeez, there was a real dicey moment there with the first decal sticker.


you should see the dumper truck with missing front screen pillars… and crushed cab :open_mouth:

I almost certainly will.

Watching the 1960 Pontiac Convertible vid.

Kevin the Koala has done a grotty shit in the bathroom.

Wasn’t expecting that.

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Not seen that one yet… needed to check out the drying paint, but will defo watch tomorrow

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Watching this now. I can’t believe he’s got a special glue formula.

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Going to have to try the baking powder and superglue formula… if it is baking powder

Just seen Kevin… I have admit that is shocking behaviour

There is a gruesome death at the end of No 19a MG Midget TD 1955


Unboxing Videos…WTF. Search for your latest bit of Geekery…I bet there’s a video of what it looks like AND the all important bit…How to get it out of the box.

Here’s 6 minutes 20 seconds of some Sony bluetooth headphones.

I found myself watching this the other day for some unknown reason, best to watch it on 0.25 speed to really get the gist of what is being done.

Drills? FUCKING drills?, what in the name of holy fuck is interesting about drills? you need to up your 'strongly compelling ’ game son!

Did you watch it on 0.25 speed?

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Speed? you need to be on Speed to watch it? OK will give it a try

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