Strange but True .... fairly interesting tales from a bygone era

I find stories about ordinary folks, extraordinary lives in times gone by, facinating and judging by the popularity of the ‘old photos’ thread, there’s a few on here do also.

I wanted to share this quite interesting article but couldn’t find a suitable thread. So now there is one

Pushball … A game for giants that bewitched Britain


Didn’t the three stooges from Top Gear play push ball with mini’s and other small cars?

Sounds like something they’d do Phil, tho’ I’m not sure … never really watched it with any regularity, mainly because I’m not a middle class egotist with a very small knob *

… oh and I’m not that interested in cars really :lou_lol:

*not a reference to you @philippinesaint , tho’ I’m sure you realise that anyway :lou_wink_2:

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“Pushball is a game for giants. Such a game as the gods on Olympus might have played without great loss of dignity,”

Not like Quidditch then. I mean come on, who has any dignity running around a field with a broomstick stuck between their arse-cheeks? Harry Potter isn’t real people!

At Twickenham no less.

Trashed the cars AND the pitch.

It was as usual daft and funny in their bike shed humour way

… Fatso mebbe ? … not sure dignity’s a big issue with him. Infact it’d probably tick a couple of boxes :lou_lol:


I would never lower myself to that level.

I have servants and things you know :lou_lol:

Regarding the small knob that doesnt bother me, as long as I get some pleasure from its use, that’s all that counts :lou_is_a_flirt:

Never thought I’d be a bit jealous of some one with a 'lil weenie. I’ve got a massive one myself …, used exclusively for pissing out of recently :lou_sad:


That was a sympathetic upvote from me @steveintheforest for the lack of recent use , but not because you have a massive cock - No don’t PM with proof,


The older one’s on here will remember Southampton Zoo on the common. I can vaguely recall going there a few times as a kid but don’t really remember it being the charming, magical place this article portrays … I’ve got in my mind a sorry bunch of flea bitten animals in concrete boxes.

Who remembers Southampton Zoo ?

Was surprised to see that it was still open up until 1985, I thought it closed down well before that

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It always used to be Easter bank holiday go to the zoo during the day and then onto the fair on the common in the evening.


Used to be “A big day out” for me. All I remember is that it was the only place I ever found 7Up (the drink not a night out with the forum krew)

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Now, I genuinely didn’t know this about Addidas and Puma.

You learn something every day…


Adidas won.

The Beastie Boys didn’t do a song about Puma. No-one thinks Puma is cool anymore. Puma never got a playground acronym.


Surely it’s All Day I Dream About Sex!!

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