💰 Stop Spunking away Spondoolicks 💰

A little while back @BTripz posted some links that saved me a good wedge on some nice beers, so I thought we could have a thread to share good deals on all sorts of stuff.

To kick things off Halfords are offering MOTs for a tenner when you buy something (before 15th May), I got mine for free with them last year on a similar deal but I was too selfish to share it, you could say I’m growing as a person.



15 craft beers for £18

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They will not deliver to my door :lou_angry::lou_angry::lou_angry::lou_angry:


Looking at the title I thought it was about stop hiring ladies of the night. :lou_is_a_flirt:

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Nice one, you should ask them for commission Bob :lou_smiley:

Been looking for some more rum and came across this place. Postage is not cheap, but there’s some good savings on the alcohol, so more than worth it.

That’s at least a tenner less than amazon and they have El Dorado 15 for £36, 12 for £31 and Santa Teresa 1796 for £33.
It also has a massive selection of wine and even lists Parker(plus others) points.

I’ve just spent a small fortune and am very much looking forward to destroying the evidence :blush: