🤕 Stone Faces - how have I only just discovered this?

Also known as “Bang The Fuckface”, Stone Faces pits two competitors standing at arm’s length from each other who take turns to slap each other’s faces until one gives in.

It’s that simple.

Pelmen (The Dumpling) is my hero and, whilst the Russian doesn’t translate brilliantly, the hosts seem to be sarcastic as fuck.

When the bloke with the cosmetically enhanced biceps isn’t even the weirdest thing you get to see, you know you’re on to a winner.

I’m a fan.

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Look out for ‘pap’ at about 9 mins in this.

There’s some weird fucks in there.

I don’t think I can watch…did anyone get hurt. :worried:

“Papa 220kg” is presumably one of the contestants. If his name is indeed a reflection of his physical attributes, that would make him 35 stone. I think I may have to watch some of this. I’ll let you know if I can understand any of the commentary.

It also reminds me of this:


Watched the first one. All got a bit tedious after the first few blows.

I suspect that it operates on a level that you just can’t understand.

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Yes, that’s a reasonable assumption. I can only aspire to your exalted level, and I don’t mean only the shirts.

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