Stoke vs Saints Match Thread

Right you bastards, it’s time to get back to winning ways, and if the maxim is true that you’re only as good as your last result, I’m on form.

Stokealona vs the Koemaniacs.

Which team will prevail?

I’m fearing the worst for this game, we haven’t been creating anything in the last 3/4 games and Stoke are on fire, well Stoke isn’t burning and the Fire Brigade hasn’t been called but they are playing well…

Stoke aren’t really on fire though - they’ve had a little patch but which version of them turns up has been as unpredictable as it is with us.

Toss a coin on this one; you’re just as likely to get an accurate prediction.

I didn’t start the thread - +ve

Forster has just won player of the month for February - double -ve

Long is back - +ve

Fonte is suspended - -ve

So the -ve’s outweigh the +ve’s so I’m going for a 0-0 bore draw.


I’d have your arm off for a point right now.

We will win

We have a terrible record at Stoke and we are not looking to good in front of goal at the moment.

But I am going to meet a couple of old school friends before the game, that I have not seen for about 20 years. Also meeting up with the northern Saints, which sounds interesting.

Imam hoping it is better than the home game against Stoke as that was pants!

I take a couple of weeks holiday and it all goes to pot. WTF happened…OK don’t bother I don’t want to know. Panic over I’m back and ready to impliment my can’t lose breakfast rountine to ensure a win. My stripey Saint’s bowl with a good helping of big-bowl porridge should work its magic.

A 2 -1 win for our brave boys

Get him to say a few Allahu akbars for us.


Where are the ok pubs? (It’s Stoke). Might visit.

Thank god you’re back. Your team needs you. Bit of a selfish bastard going on holiday in the first place, but I’ll let that pass.

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I’m going.

Home win.

The pub opposite the ground is shit, packed, full of away fans, and shit. The rest are in town, a good 10 mins cab ride away or 25-30 mins walk. They are also shit. But not packed.

My mates are going. 1st away trip in two years for them.

Stoke is not a happy hunting ground.

Maya will be playing.

Last few games we have simply seemed to be playing to a formula and at such a slow pace with a complete lack of invention and passion. #onthebeachalready

UNLESS we start this game the way we finished against Sunderland (with 10 men) we will lose this.

Prediction? I’m not wasting 15 quid on the taxi fare to Barasti nor 30 quid for 4 pints of beer when I have a case of Singha beer at home that only cost 12 quid! #commentaryinArabicdon’tcare

Also, watching at home means when it gets really bad I can switch over to the Egg Chasing.

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You miss out on a huge burger gratis though :lou_wink:


Funny how he pays for stuff in the country with a tough judicial system but legs it in the UK…



Maya isn’t playing.

Perhaps I SHOULD have gone to the Pub after all?