🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #3 - wormate.io game

High Score Challenge - Wormate.io

OK, this time we have a worm-style game - and this time you can play against other Sotonians. When you start the game, select your sotonians’ name as your nickname.

Manoeuvre your worm (not a euphemism!) around the arena using either mouse pointer or by tapping the screen. Go faster by either using a second finger (ooo matron!) on the screen or by pressing the mouse left button.

Avoid hitting the other worms and eat the cakes and shit to grow bigger.

The objective is to grow as big as you can without hitting another worm.

Paste your high score screenshot or it didn’t happen.


When they say “worm weight” I think they mean girth!


Difficult without a mouse.