🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #22 - Who in the cabinet would you bed if... ❓

…they were the opposite sex?

These are a thing of beauty and I must admit to feeling deeply conflicted about some of these.

The Rules

  1. You must pick one that melts your butter
  2. You must pick one that you’d still rather push down a flight of (metaphorical) stairs
  3. If you are a Tory (you know who you are), please try not to get love-gloy on our server


Some highlights…

Beatrice Johnson

Dominique Raab


Pete Patel

Rachel Sunak

Betty Wallace

Michelle Gove

Roberta Buckland

Marianne Hancock

Anita Sharma

Liam Truss

Georgina Eustice

Gina Williamson


Roberta Jenrick

Giesla Shapps


Brenda Lewis


Janet Rees-Mogg

Simon Braverman

Adam Milling

GENIUS! :rofl: :kissing: :kissing:
Has to be Dominique or Gina at a push

Funny how the the ridiculous looking Gove, Rees-M, and BJ, still look ridiculous (and hilarious) as the opposite sex… proves you cant polish a turd.

Gina Williamson or Anita Sharma for me.

Janet Rees-Mogg would get pushed down the stairs, she looks like the busy body neighbour that complains when your kids make noise in the back garden…

The whole thing is not right on every level and has curdled my skinny mocha latte.