:Crazy_face: Stir Crazy Antidote #21 - The Miracle - One 1️⃣ Sudoku 9️⃣ to rule them all

The Miracle

Sent to me by my son who has solved it, and from this article in The Guardian this is The Miracle.

There is a single solution to the puzzle and whilst the usual Soduko rules apply, the following additional rules ‘help’ to crack it.

Anti-knight rules

No two squares that are a knight’s move apart can have the same digit. (The knight’s move is 2 along and 1 to the side, as in chess.)

Anti-king rules

No two squares that touch either horizontally, vertically or diagonally can have the same digit. (As in, no two squares a chess king can move between in a single move.)

Non-consecutive rules

No two squares that are horizontally or vertically adjacent can have consecutive numbers.

Whilst it looks scary my son says it’s quite logical once you get your head around it. But he has a MUCH bigger brain than his father.

There’s more information in the linked article above - including some tips and if you want to you can find and watch a video of two clever blokes solving it - in 25 minutes.

Yeah right.

Sudoku has kept me sane through lock down.
But that one? Nah, it would turn me full post match Bazza within 30 minutes

That was fun

Just finished it myself.

It was fun Tigster!

I made two errors - once early on and once with the threes which meant I had to start again but got it on the third attempt.

Bish bash bosh, once you get past the 3s it’s quite easy.

I started off wrong by filling all the corners with what the numbers could possibly be, then I accidentally deleted everything so I started back at basics…