🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #2 - 2048 Game

High Score Challenge - 2048

Who needs the Prem or Fantasy Fucking Football Predictor Leagues?

In a further attempt to keep us from going crazy whilst waiting for “that germ” to fuck off I’ve embedded a game and will be awarding badges for the highest scores.

I’ve pulled some tech-strings and rubbed binary baby oil into the site’s bits, but I don’t know if this will work - or if people want it. You can always go and discuss Corona on the “When Barry met Harry” thread or watch the news.

So, play the game below, get a high-ish score, take a screenshot and the committee will award badges for the highest score or the stupidest screen comments.

Other games will follow - or not.

If you would like a particular game embedded, take a look at games on crazygames.com (other sitest might work) and if the game has an "<>EMBED" link, I may be able to add it. Drop me a note.

NOTE I can’t guarantee what data games makers will or won’t be collecting when you play.


The first game is 2048. Swipe the screen (or use the arrow keys) up, down, left or right to merge two numbers of the same power of 2. When you do they become the next power of 2 (2,4,8,16,32,etc). The objective is to merge numbers until you get to, well, 2048.

Leader Bored

# Member Score Independently verified? Under protest?
1 Rat’s Vag 50788 Yes
2 Big Cheatin’ Bob 27496 Yes
3 Bletch 16836 Yes
4 Fat Stuff 13740 Yes
5 Map of Cuntmania 6232 Yes Yes - higher than normal mahogany levels
6 Wanton 3312 Yes
7 Lesbian Avenue 148 No - Rule #1
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I don’t think 148 is going to win. But as I haven’t got a fucking clue what I was doing, I don’t care

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Rule #1 - If I don’t see a picture it didn’t happen.


Bugger, pic did not copy… but I tell the truth…

Rule #1




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Still going #justsaying

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Rule 1,. Subsection 1. Unless you don’t know how to screenshot.


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[Adopts least possible patronising tone]

Well done you.

Badges on the way…

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I’ll take cash. Thank you.

Here’s your prize.


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You’re my bitch now, FatStuff.

True, but under them self imposed rules of yours that makes you the biggest cunt of us all

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Limited edition bronze “I Fiddled While Rome Burned” badges have been awarded.


Silver and gold editions will be awarded once we know the high-scores.


Position Member Score Independently verified? Under protest?
1 Bletch 8056 Yes
2 Fat Stuff 7088 Yes
3 Map of Cuntmania 6232 Yes Yes - higher than normal mahogany levels
4 Lesbian Avenue 148 No - Rule #1